[Request] All kind of modder needed

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[Request] All kind of modder needed

Post by BoomWav » Mon Aug 09, 2004 1:07 am

Hi everyone,
The Path to Damnation Team is currently looking for almost every kind of modders: Artist, Mapper, Coder and Txter (txt editors). It's a very ambitious mod! Grab your chance to join its team! Here's some of the new features*:

-We wants to change all of the items.
-New Potions and Elixir that'll help you in you're adventures.
-We're completly changing every runes and gems in the games with new ones.
-New Unique
-New Sets

-We almost completly change the game by changing almost every maps. We could use some new DT1 and help would really be appreciate here because I'm planning more than 48 maps for act 1 only.

-We want to give Diablo 2 a new look so it'll be a maze like maps with tons of fork! There will be tons of ways to get to the end of the act and tons of area to explore and treasures to find.

- We want to add new monsters and change some of the existing DCC files with new ones.
- We want to add new super unique monsters to our map with some unique loots to some of them.

[Skills and Character]
- We want to completly change the character classes. We'll also change all the skills. The planning is just not done yet so come and I might take your ideas!

That's about it! That's a condensed feature list.
If you're interrested in joining the team, you can contact me by

MSN Messager and E-Mail: helllyboy229@hotmail.com
Yahoo Messager: TheBoomWav
ICQ: 343850338
AIM: BoomWav

You can also contact me on IRC on the Phrozen Keep Channel under the "BoomWav" Nickname.

The Team is made of 3 members right now:

- BoomWav : Team Leader, Artist, Animator, Txter, Human Ressources
- Lotharg : Webmaster
- PsychoMessiah : Storyline writer

*All Features may change without prior warning
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Re: [Request] All kind of modder needed

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Sep 11, 2004 2:52 pm

This notice has been inactive for a month, so I am locking it down. If you need to re-open the thread for further mod assistance, please contact DeClineD or one of the senior staff.
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