[REQUEST] Infinitum Animation Checker

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[REQUEST] Infinitum Animation Checker

Post by Phrozen Heart » Tue Aug 10, 2004 5:18 pm

I" wrote:Well as you may have read last week, I was planning on having somewhat of a blowout update to clear our remaining backlog of material before putting the site on hold temporarily and the time has in fact come.
I" wrote:In the mean time, I've compiled a huge cross-referencing list for the IE games in order to make sure each monster we have is published under all of the games it appears in. During this downtime, it'd be greatly appreciated if I could get a handful of volunteers to help go through all of the DCCs we have on Infinitum to check for bad offsets, white/gray speckling, bad cofs, missing animdata lines etc and report back (I'll probably set up a private forum at the Keep at some point to co-ordinate things). In addition to this, if anyone who has used any of our files before (ranging from GIFs to New Tokens) could let us know which ones do or don't work that would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the support and praise we've received so far!
To keep better track of things, I'm keeping this thread locked but anyone interested in helping out on anything from a single download to "joining the struggle" can contact me via PM.
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