[Request]Anime mod looking for help

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[Request]Anime mod looking for help

Post by taarna23 » Sat Sep 11, 2004 7:09 pm

Edit - Forget it. Just lock this. Barely anyone's looked, nevermind replied.

Well, folks... Here I am, trying again. I've asked for help in the past, and got nothin', just nothin'.

Now, I'm not looking for someone I'm gunna have to teach - you need some modding knowledge, at the very least in one area. So don't say you'll help if you don't know anything about modding, and also, don't offer to help if you want to see things done your way. I'll do it myself before I let someone else take over. It's been tried.

So, on to what I need, and boy, that's a lot. There's gotta be something someone can help with...

There's a lot here, probably the biggest area that needs work.
--skill icons
--map stuff (things like trees and other such things)

--treasure class
--probably miscellaneous other stuff that my headache can't think of

--monster names
--area names
--item names
--help with descriptions

I'll probably add stuff later, I have no idea what else to add right now. My head hurts and I gotta go to work. Later guys.
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Re: [Request]Anime mod looking for help

Post by onyx » Sat Oct 02, 2004 12:08 pm

Topic closed on poster's request.
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