[REQUEST] Webmaster/Monster Items Creator

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[REQUEST] Webmaster/Monster Items Creator

Post by ChaoticDeath » Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:13 am

I'm once again on the search for some new blood.

The first job I need is a webmaster, who hopefully knows how to handle HTML and php. (NOTE: This person must be dedicated to the mod. No leaving me hanging halfway through or anything like that.)POSITION FILLED
Secondly, I need a person who will create monster items for me. Right now, I need this person to create weapons and armors for each monster. They must be balanced, and don't worry about TreasureClassEx or Table files, I'll handle those. However, the person for this job too must be dedicated. I don't want someone who says they will help then slows down or slacks off. Also, there will be three versions of each monster weapon and armor, because of the three different difficulties. Please try your best to balance them. I will handle magical modifiers and drop rate.POSITION FILLED


EDIT: One position filled, still need a webmaster.

EDIT2: All positions filled, feel free to lock down this topic. Thanks.
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