[REQUEST] Coder needed: 1.13c Killcounter

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[REQUEST] Coder needed: 1.13c Killcounter

Post by LeOsTyLe » Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:32 pm


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To add some information to LeOsTyLe's post here is a summary of his request for help:
LeOsTyLe" wrote:1.13c Killcounter that counts all kills incl. wirbelwind etc.

Dav92 told me how to do that, but i cant assambler, so i need someone who can do it for me. i just can make codeedit changes, when i have the offsets and know what do change.
You just need to find the arena-code, which is called after the death of every mob/player. After that you jump to slack space and create a function there to add one to a specific stat.
I would be happy if someone can do that.
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