[Request] recompile a dll, I have the source.

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[Request] recompile a dll, I have the source.

Post by kidpaddle94 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:25 am

I have a "program" which grants some very nice features. But it's crappy hacks makes it a "no-no" to implement to my mod. I have the source of the program, so I'm looking for someone who can recompile it with only the features I want. I'm not promoting any hacks, my goal is to remove the hacks and keep good things. :-|

Please do not lock my topic. I'm not linking/naming any hack. My goal is to remove the illegal and hacky things and only keep good things. continue to read.

Features to keep:

Configuration: I want to have all features that I keep, able to be turned to on/off in the whistmod.ini. PM me for more details on the config part.
chat commands: I would like to keep the ".stash" chat command which opens your stash. useful.
Player Stats: In the .ini you can setup an hotkey to make an extra stat screen appears. USEFUL! I want it.
Orbs percentage: I want to keep this nice percentage values on life and mana orbs.
Mouse Coords: could be useful. But again, can be turned off in the whistmod.ini
in-game settings: This "program" allows in-game settings edit. I want to keep it, only for the features I keep on, of course.
Custom loading message: I will tell you the message I want by PM.
Thing to ADD which is not in the source: I currently have to load it by RemoteDll. I want it to be loaded directly on game launching, like if it was part of the game. IF POSSIBLE.

The .ini would looks like this:

Code: Select all

: Whistmod.ini

|Life & Mana Orbs|

LifePercentOrb		=BOOL
ManaPercentOrb		=BOOL

LifePercentXpos		=COORD
ManaPercentXpos		=COORD

LifePercentYpos		=COORD
ManaPercentYpos		=COORD


StatScreenHotkey	=HOTKEY
MenuSetting		=HOTKEY


MouseCoord		=BOOL
PM me if you are interested. I also asked on some other sites, to be sure, so PM right when you decide to do it, so I can cancel the offer on other sites. :)

Thank you.



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Re: [Request] recompile a dll, I have the source.

Post by Necrolis » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:58 am

I hope you have permission from the auther to do that, and you also need to respect the licenses that the code is under (quite specifically GPL if this is made by who I think its made)
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