[Request] New Frames, Orbs, UI

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[Request] New Frames, Orbs, UI

Post by d1ck » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:05 pm

Hello, I'm sure you have seem on the forums lately people using Diablo 3 UI's in their game. I started on extracting and creating my own and I've gone as far as making a life orb + the outer shell. My problem is that it takes too long, I am really slow when it comes to using image editing software (gimp, ps, paint.net) etc. And a lot of the D3 UI needs to be re-sized to fit into D2.

I'm looking for someone that is good at the above listed software and is willing to make new frames etc for a D3 inspired UI. Some things to note, the panels must support larger than 800x600 resolutions (you don't need to worry about the code editing, I just need the graphics)

Also, If you are good with image editing software but are not very good at modding, I can explain the process of extracting frames from dc6, replacing them, inserting them etc... its a very easy process, you can probably pick it up in 30 mins or less.

If you are interested in this let me know, thanks.

Here is an example of the style I'm looking for:

As you can see the ctrlpanel needs to be redone, the orbs need a background panel (when life drops there is a panel behind the orb)

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