(Request) Looking for experienced modders to help finish mod

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(Request) Looking for experienced modders to help finish mod

Post by Jase » Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:27 pm

Hi! I have been working on my mod for somewhere around 5 years now off and on. Even though I've spent this much time on it, it's not really close to completion. I am a very experienced modder. I can work a lot of magic with skills and missiles. I can make almost any kind of skill and do some really cool effects with skills.

Things I have done:
New skills (For the most part. I still have some new skills I have yet to make.)
New monsters and AI(normal only)
Monster specific skills
Some items
A few new levels
Exciting boss battles (Every superunique is a boss and is very unique in how they fight)
Balance the skills I have created

Things I have yet to do:
Finish the skill trees
Fine-tune balance the classes and skills (WIP)
Make more new levels (I'm not the greatest map editor)
Edit existing levels to be different and interesting
Finish Unique items
Finish runewords
Finish Set items
Finish new base items
Finish new transmutation misc items
Finish cube recipes
Make nm and hell mode monsters and ai
More monster specific skills
Skill icons

This seems like a huge to-do list, but I want this mod to be perfect before releasing it. I realize the clock is ticking with diablo 3 RoS out now. Perhaps this mod will get people playing d2 again?

Anyhow, if you're an experienced modder and find this interesting and want to contribute, pm me and we can talk about what you can contribute. I will give your name in the credits as well for what you have done.

I am VERY protective of my work, so I will not post a copy of the mod here. Only after a review of your skills and what you can contribute will I send my mod.

Perhaps the biggest thing I need really is someone to help keep me motivated to see this through till completion.
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