[REQUEST] Looking for a partner

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[REQUEST] Looking for a partner

Post by LeNzY » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:40 pm

Hello people in the Keep!

I am officially looking for someone to team up with me in hopes of being able to create somewhat of an overhaul or "medium-sized" mod.
Now, I can't say I'm experienced and haven't delved in to the whole modding thing a bunch, but I kind of know the basics, depending on areas of modding. (Haven't even touched CE yet for example)

What kind of mod will it be?
It will be a Lord of Destruction mod based off of the 1.10f version, as it has the most research behind it and tools as well.
Like I mentioned above, a medium-sized mod, almost like an overhaul but keeping the story as it is and holding on to the Act 1 - 5 progression system.
Introducing brand new skills, items, ways of crafting items, enemies, maps, quality of life and much more.
I have somewhat of a plan written down that I'll send to whomever is tempted to give it a shot, or who just wants more info on how I want it.
BUT, this would be a team effort, so not only my ideas would be valid, I'm more than happy to change up stuff and everything is not set in stone. As we all have different opinions, it might bring forth good ideas. (or it all can go straight to hell lol, but lets hope not)
CE will be needed for certain things, but worst case scenario, I'll just learn it. The goal however is to use it as little as possible and stay on the routes of softcoding.

So what kind of person am I looking for?
I know it might be hard to find someone around this time, but I'd say anyone that is willing to put some kind of time and effort in to a project. I myself am working full-time and can't work on a project all day every day, but I don't expect you to do so either.
When it comes to what you need to be able to do; since I am new, I don't think I can set any bars really, but it would be nice having someone either with knowledge of making interesting/more in-depth skills or someone who knows some CE.
This of course, yet again, is nothing I can set as a requirement. Even someone brand new would be cool, because then we could learn together, which also would be an experience.

Personality is also key, you need to be somewhat cooperative and willing to discuss like a team, because that's exactly what it'll be.
Nationality etc, does not matter that much, but would be great if you can communicate in English (or Swedish) and perhaps even use voice chat, since that at times, is easier.

You can PM me for a link to a document I have with some of my ideas.

For more info you can contact me at;
Discord: LeNzY#3435

Thank you for reading!
- LeNzY

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