Are you good with coding?

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Are you good with coding?

Post by tmuhlhausen » Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:47 am

I am looking for someone to partner with to develop a new mod for 1.14d. I have roughly spent 100 or so hours messing with tables seeing the do's and do not's of blizzards file system. Personally i believe i have an eye for detail, and better at the graphical aspect of the editing.

Where im at now:

Roughly edited 30-35 graphics for items mainly in Act 1. Ive re-done all the potions and a bunch of basic items. ill leave it at that for now just leave you with a basic idea of what i have in mind. Lets get visual on this one. here is a couple screens of what i have done so far.

ext/dmzx/imageupload/files/8a6f439d81ab ... 026434.png
ext/dmzx/imageupload/files/3cd31e7ffe94 ... e3b61d.png
ext/dmzx/imageupload/files/15b93f6f96a5 ... e3f2e6.png

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