8bit Icons for Older/Incompatible Computers

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8bit Icons for Older/Incompatible Computers

Post by GuyAskingQuestion » Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:23 pm

Please note that support for this will be limited, as I currently have no intentions of fixing up the icons/whatever

For 0.95 and above

Simply run 8 bit graphics.bat, located in the TTD folder. To change back, run 32b bit graphics.bar

For versions prior to 0.95

Old skool 8bit icons available here:

http://www.tech-rant.com/downloads/d2/G ... eicons.zip

These are the 32bit icons greyscaled, although there are some minor palette problems these convert a whole lot better than full coloured ones.

Simply go to your: "TTD\data\global\ui\spells" folder and replace the files with these ones (you will need to remove the GS from their names.) Next, go to "TTD\data\global\ui\frontend" and delete (or rename) the 3 files (NOT the folders,) which are there.

Now you should have the old loading screens and 8bit icons to enjoy. You can use the original d2direct3d.dll and use Glide/Direct3D/Opendraw whatever you wish on your 'old' pc.

UPDATE: Just photoshopped out the transparency issues. These work a lot better now... 95% as good as using colour!
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