switching ar versions

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switching ar versions

Post by chatterbox98 » Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:16 am

should i upgrade d2 LOD to v1.10 and play AR v1.10 or stick with 1.07(ar-se)?

>>and will doing so erase some of the stuff i have? like titans revenge, stormshield, buriza, shaftstop, vampire gaze, aldurs advance, and my crafted sorceress orb? or will it just update it to 1.10 versions.
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Re: switching ar versions

Post by Ajax » Thu Dec 04, 2003 7:40 am

A lot has changed in LOD 1.10 and even moreso AR 1.10

Not sure about items getting deleted, but you can back them up anyway.

Although in AR 1.10 skills aren't enhanced yet, and some cube recipes don't seem to be working properly.

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Re: switching ar versions

Post by icchan » Wed Dec 31, 2003 9:24 pm

actually, you can keep your items on the upgrade. by the way, if Tek's gonna enhance the skills for AR 1.10, then damage will be quite, quite high. notice that damage ranges for current 1.10 characters are high for the average player's standards.

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Re: switching ar versions

Post by StormNova86 » Thu Jan 01, 2004 6:48 am

I'd say back up your chars though, it's always a good idea to do so. It shouldn't affect the items at all. And Ajax, which cube recipes are you having problems with?
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