Hellfire Torch Bug

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Hellfire Torch Bug

Post by MegaTherion » Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:02 am

Hi everyone,

i found an interesting bug... and through I donť see any topic about it here, I´m posting this. But first I tell you, what mods I play:

I have installed:
- vanilla 1.10 with AR 1.10
- vanilla 1.11 with PlugY the Survival (to enable Uber quest in single player)

So I decided to beat Ubers with my zealot: picked the Torch, I quit the game and run Ancestral Recall. and see, what has happened to the Torch:

//edit: there seems to be problem with the BB [ i m g ] tag, so ther´s a link: http://mike.webzdarma.cz/images/torch.jpg

I don´t care of the Evil Force ability, but the reason is that I can carry more of them like in AR, so in vanilla 1.11. Did anyone noted this? :cool:
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Re: Hellfire Torch Bug

Post by gogodanny » Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:17 pm

I think the problem arises because hellfire torch has only been enabled by V.1.11 in so far the coding of it might not include "once per character" yet.

I think it would be best to either keep it unused or (to keep it legit) stick to the good old 1x per character rule, otherwise the mod will be come quite boring in no time ...

cheers ;)

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