Ancestral Recall Cube Recipes

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Ancestral Recall Cube Recipes

Post by Raptor22 » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:52 pm

Hi All,

Last time I logged on to this forum was 8 years ago, and I'm still playind D2/LOD AR. This time with PlugY - you can NEVER have enough storage space.

@ BugsteR

Anyway, I started looking for the cube recipes (Google) and had lost hope till I ran across this website many pages into my Google search.

So, Thank You BugsteR - you saved me a lot of pain - and I have d/l them into a WordPad doc and saved it into different places just to make sure I can't lose the info.

I played D3 for about 3 years and liked it, but Blizzard continually keeps pushing the "no solo" play statement, and you "should play" with a clan, etc., just got too tiresome for me. But they're true to their word because the drops for a solo player are not word playing that game anymore.

There also was a recent article in PC Gamer a few months ago about a new D2/LOD MOD. I d/l it but needed a program that acts as a Mod Manager, and I didn't care for that. If someone knows how to play that game without the mod manager, please post here. I'll come back and will look for it. I think the mod was called Is Alive.

Thanks all and have a great weekend.


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Re: Ancestral Recall Cube Recipes

Post by gogodanny » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:00 am

Hey Bro,

actually Downloading this "mod manager" ist totally worth it.

It's called D2SE and works flawlessly and it's so simple to install all .mpq focussed mods it's amazing.

I was sceptical as well, however switching between mods is so much less tedious now - you really should try it out (simple as cake)
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