Double throw and open wound problem.

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Double throw and open wound problem.

Post by Abandon » Sun Sep 05, 2021 5:01 am

Hi. Please help me, how to add open wounds to Barbarian Double Throw.
aurastate: openwounds
aurastat1: item_openwounds
aurastatcalc1 : 100
This applies to open wounds with a 100% chance, this works for example in Bash or Double Swing. But doesn't work with double throw.

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Re: Double throw and open wound problem.

Post by Cypress » Thu Sep 23, 2021 3:23 am

Hi, sorry for the late response! I had come up with a few ideas weeks ago, but realized they would all probably not work. But now I've remembered that there is a way that should work: srvstfunc=28.
[Blade Shield]
(aurafilter,aurastate=,auralencalc=,aurastat1-6=; aurastate determines the state applied to the user, auralencalc is the length of the state, all aurastats are applied)
It will be a bit janky, since it will last as long as you tell it to. If you set the auralencalc too long, it could overflow into other attacks, and if it is too short then it'll run out before the thrown weapons hit. I'd probably set it to something like auralencalc=50, which is slightly longer than the duration of a thrown javelin. This is to make sure the state lasts for the duration of both thrown weapons, since the state will likely start when the first weapon is thrown.

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