looking for beta test

Information and teasers from the upcoming mod, Underkill. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mod, please post them here. Click here to visit the official web site.

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looking for beta test

Post by Tribalsmurf » Sun Dec 12, 2004 6:18 pm

Hey all. I'm looking for the beta of this great looking mod. I've emailed seaular but his post here says he is away for a while due to a bad hard drive so i was wondering if anyone else here has the mod and can email it or upload it so i can get a copy.

Also it anyone knows what classes need to e tested still/more so I can play one of those.

thanks. I hope to be alble to play soon

EDIT please email me at tribalsmurf@gmail.com if you have a copy of the mod I can get. thanks :-)
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