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PlugY Pointers

Post by Al-T » Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:26 pm

There have been a lot of posts where misconceptions about PlugY have lead to some confusion. I will attempt to clarify what you can and can not do with PlugY in this post.

The main misconception stems from a wrong interpretation of "Shared Stash". Many players believe this means "shared between all characters" whether single-player or multi-player TCP/IP. This is WRONG. PlugY is designed for single-player and only works 100% in this mode regardless of the version. It can still be used effectively in TCP/IP multi-player but ONLY if you adhere to a few simple rules. Taking single-player first, these are the steps I advise you to follow:

1. Single Player

1.1 Character 'A' plays a single-player game and finds item "X" for character 'B'.

1.2 Character 'A' stores item "X" in the "shared stash".

1.3 Character 'A' continues playing.

1.4 Character 'A' exits and saves the single-player game.

1.5 Character 'B' starts a single-player game.

1.6 Character 'B' goes to the "shared stash" and takes item "X".

1.7 Character 'B' continues playing, finds item "Y" for character 'A' and saves item 'Y' in the "shared stash".

1.8 Character 'B' exits and saves game.

1.9 Go to 1.1 (substitute character 'A' for 'B' where appropriate).

2. Multiplayer

2.1 Character 'A' hosts a game.

2.2 Character 'B' joins game (from same PC+IP or a friend on a different IP).

2.3 Character 'A' finds item "X" for character 'B' and drops or gives to 'B' in trade window.

2.4 Character 'B' MUST store item "X" in either his/her Inventory or Page 1 ONLY of their "Personal Stash".

2.5 Character 'B' continues collecting items until their Inventory and/or Personal Stash Page 1 are NEAR to full.

2.6 Character 'B' should now leave TCP/IP game and start a single-player game.

2.7 Character 'B' saves the items collected in the TCP/IP game in either the shared or personal stash for character 'B' in single-player (to ensure final write from buffer),

2.8 Character 'B' rejoins TCP/IP game hosted by character 'A'.

2.9 Go to 2.3

N.B. Similar rules apply to the HOST of a TCP/IP game. You can always agree "in-game" to let 'B' leave first, followed by 'A' to mule (PlugY style) in single-player and then create a new game.

As we say in Scotland "Use the Heid" :)

[EDIT] Thanks to whoever stickied me :)
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Re: PlugY Pointers

Post by d2vern » Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:34 pm

Very informative, Al. :mrgreen:
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Re: PlugY Pointers

Post by Gamall » Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:17 pm


I have a little question: does this 3 years old remark still apply nowadays?
Al-T" wrote:(key sentences, to avoid quoting whole post...)
It can still be used effectively in TCP/IP multi-player but ONLY if you adhere to a few simple rules.


Similar rules apply to the HOST of a TCP/IP game.
I have just performed a small experiment: I started a TCP/IP game with one of my characters, and swapped items between my inventory and a page in the shared stash; then I quit the game.

The shared stash file had been altered, and in-game, the modifications were saved correctly. So it appears the shared stash works correctly in a TCP/IP game, at least for the host.

I use patch 1.12a and Plugy 9.00 (under Linux+wine, but that should not be relevant).

Is there anyone who has tested that version of Plugy in MP extensively, or anyone who knows a specific technical reason which would legitimate the above sticky? And in that last case, is there a systematic way to highlight the bug(s), if any?

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Re: PlugY Pointers

Post by stingray » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:11 pm

Try using it in a multiplayer game with more than one person. I guarantee you'll find problems.
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Re: PlugY Pointers

Post by Hans » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:09 am

I do not think Yohann fixed the multiplayer issue.
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