NewTxt.dll - does not involved

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NewTxt.dll - does not involved

Post by hulkchat » Wed May 30, 2018 8:08 am

I spent a lot of tests
I have a problem - NewTxt.dll and the plugins associated with it are does not involved in the mod

Other plugins work well.

My D2mod.ini:

Code: Select all

MercMod = MercMod.dll
GemFix = GemFix.dll
Executable modules when downloading a game:

Code: Select all

Base       Size       Entry      Name       File version      Path
10000000   00041000   1001D335   binkw32    1.0f              C:\Diablo II\binkw32.dll
6FF00000   00023000   6FF0D5A3   Bnclient                     C:\Diablo II\Bnclient.dll
6FAA0000   00133000   6FB61C1D   d2client                     C:\Diablo II\d2client.dll
6FDF0000   00107000   6FE00E61   D2CMP                        C:\Diablo II\D2CMP.dll
6F600000   000B4000   6F6856DD   d2common                     C:\Diablo II\d2common.dll
6FC30000   00127000   6FD1DC2C   D2Game                       C:\Diablo II\D2Game.dll
6FA70000   00021000   6FA754A5   d2gfx                        C:\Diablo II\d2gfx.dll
6F810000   0001A000   6F818E4E   D2Glide                      C:\Diablo II\D2Glide.dll
6FC10000   00015000   6FC15048   D2Lang                       C:\Diablo II\D2Lang.dll
6FA10000   00034000   6FA28DC7   d2launch                     C:\Diablo II\d2launch.dll
6F9F0000   00015000   6F9F2D3E   d2mcpcli                     C:\Diablo II\d2mcpclient.dll
00BB0000   0000B000   00BB1771   D2Mod                        C:\Diablo II\D2Mod.dll
6FC00000   0000D000   6FC02C6E   D2Net                        C:\Diablo II\D2Net.dll
6F980000   00016000   6F985E19   d2sound                      C:\Diablo II\d2sound.dll
6F8A0000   000D0000   6F8B2EC0   d2win                        C:\Diablo II\d2win.dll
6FF50000   00056000   6FF662B0   Fog                          C:\Diablo II\Fog.dll
00400000   00016000   00402410   Game_crk   1, 0, 10, 39      C:\Diablo II\Game_crk.exe
6FF30000   00007000   6FF31330   GemFix     1, 0, 10, 0       C:\Diablo II\GemFix.dll
03940000   00027000   03941000   glide3x           C:\Diablo II\glide3x.dll
60000000   0002E000   6001F680   ijl11      1.1.2             C:\Diablo II\ijl11.dll
022C0000   00006000   022C141B   MercMod                      C:\Diablo II\MercMod.dll
02820000   0001A000   0282BF10   smackw32   3.1n              C:\Diablo II\smackw32.dll
6FFB0000   00045000   6FFD9DD0   storm      1.08b             C:\Diablo II\storm.dll
D2Spawn and D2RedPortal were not involved.
As well as NewTxt.dll

How to solve this problem?
I will be grateful for any help.
Sorry for my English)

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Re: NewTxt.dll - does not involved

Post by hulkchat » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:04 pm

If I delete the file NewTxt.dll, I get an error "the program is not started because there is no file NewTxt.dll"
That is, he asks for it. But it still does not happen when the file is in place. :mrgreen:

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