Requiem of Sorrow Patch v6.08 (Multiplayer Fix) 01/02/07

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Requiem of Sorrow Patch v6.08 (Multiplayer Fix) 01/02/07

Post by talonrage » Wed Jan 03, 2007 5:11 am

Patch v6.08 Download

NOTE : All patches will "update" the Plugy.ini and D2mod.ini files. If you have edited them , it is best to re-edit the versions from RoS patch v6.08+, as they are more stable for multiplayer gaming then previous plugy versions.....

Patch v6.08 Changes

Requiem of Sorrow has been using Plugy v7.01b, and from what I've been told this is mainly used for the Official Patch v1.11b. So for this RoS patch (V6.08) I have taken the advise of others and "replaced" it with Plugy v5.06 , which is suppost to be the best compatable version for Official Patch v1.10 and should fix any issues related to multiplayer crashes specific to Plugy itself.

Hopefully this will resolve any problems with Multiplayer TCP/IP Gaming. However, as I cannot test this myself, I must rely on other people to tell me if this is the case or if they still experience random crashes while playing TCP/IP games.

Patch 6.07 Changes

I've uploaded a new Requiem of Sorrow patch v6.07.

This is another "minor update" just like last weeks patch. So ....

Patch 6.07 Changes

Replaced the way Character Heirlooms work, making them truelly Unique. From this patch on, the Heirlooms start as a Unique item, and the Dragon Vials will only add bonus properties to them (Instead of making a whole new Unique item, which lead to some people carrying multiples of them).

Unlike before (were the formulas were based on character level), a new level 1 character 'can' craft all 5 vials of Dragons Blood onto the item, but each vial will also add a +25 to the Heirlooms character level requirement. Character level does NOT effect the mods received on an item either. So, only craft the of Dragons Blood that is equal to or lower then your level, or you will not gain any bonuses from it until you meet the Heirlooms level requirements.

Also, the properties now added are slightly different (based on character class and "chance" , as shown below (all properties stack):

1) Level 1 Dragon Blood
+5 to a specific Attribute (Class-Specific)
+2 to a set class skill

1) Level 25 Dragon Blood
+5 to the same specific Attribute as above (Class-Specific)
Reduced vendor prices based on character level (1% per 4 levels)

1) Level 50 Dragon Blood
+5 to the same specific Attribute as above (Class-Specific)
+1-2% Experience Point Bonus
+15-50% to Magic Find

1) Level 75 Dragon Blood
+5 to the same specific Attribute as above (Class-Specific)
+1-2% Additional Experience Point Bonus
+15-50% additional Magic Find Bonus
+1 All Skills

1) Level 100 Dragon Blood
+5 to the same specific Attribute as above (Class-Specific)
+1-2% Additional Experience Point Bonus
+20-40% All Resistance Bonus
+10-15% Damage Reduction Bonus.

Now, I understand you can just keep making new characters and trying to make the best Heirloom you can, but the mod isnt designed to do this. So if you MUST cheat .....

Patch 6.06 Changes

Patch 6.06 Changes

1) Edited the Dll files to enable normal and socketed items to be sold in all acts and difficulties. Speacial thanks to NEF for posting the offsets.

2) Completely redone the Sorcs "Summon Elemental" Skill and removed the Synergy Display error.

3) Fixed Bloodlust Synergy errors. Removed Synergy bonuses from Concentrate.

4) Added 5 new Hells Torment Unique Items.
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