Apocalypse Beta Version0.05(RELEASE)

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Apocalypse Beta Version0.05(RELEASE)

Post by Hades » Thu Apr 14, 2005 6:46 pm

Well it's time for me to release this Apocalypse mod now heh heh,just added in a few more addition's for this beta version.This is more or less a test run so probably going to be a few bugs and issues to deal with but that's where you all come in. ;) Quick rundown on the mod's additions so far:
Well the premise behind this mod is well,I ran into a problem with Underworld.As the storyline was too big
to be handled adequately enough with one mod so I split it into 2 mods.Apocalypse is the "Prequal" to
Underworld more or less to handle all the storyline but to fulfill my original idea.This should bring
everything more in focus as to the why's and how comes heh heh.The main theme behind this Prequal
is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.The prequal idea may be shot out and instead a sequal if the story
fits more into that premise instead but for now it's a prequal based mod.
The main thing about this mod is that it has no dll's to install.So what you have is an easily installed mod
and there should be no problems installing it heh heh....Quick rundown on that here...
Installation Here:
1-Backup your original Patch mpq file and save it wherever..
2-Add in the Apocalypse MPQ mod file into your D2 directory....
3-Run the game and enjoy....
4-All done.....
5-Quit reading ...go play it..
6-All done go play heh heh...

So there you go,nice and easy all,so have fun with it and post any feedback or comments at my forum at
the Phrozen Keep:

Feel free to post any comments there as this is a beta version and I'm expecting some bugs or minor issues
at first heh heh.And well feel free to post how well it is to play as well lol,most important.

Now lets get to the fun stuff as to what all is in this prequal,Apocalypse.
1-1-As they are both going to be interwined,all the sets from Underworld are in this mod but I'm going to be addin about 50 more to give a broader variety for all the collectors...And well most have been downgraded
2-Uniques ,again all from underworld are here but I've already added about 50 more and am going to add in talon rages unique plug in to give you about 1000 more to have fun with.And a bunch of new unique charms,jewels..etc...more bonuses..
3-A bunch of new skill graphic's,token graphic's etc all to add to the eye candy of the mod
4-There are stat potions in this mod to have fun with,only thing is how random they will be heh heh.I hope you all have fun with these,I have...
5-Another new item is the skill potion's in this mod.Again they will drop from wherever but they do work great and hope you find em.These item's are to make up for the 2 skill points per level which is in Underworld but not in this mod.
6-As of right now there are only 40 new runes so far.I'm going to be adding as many as I can but hope you find what is there already fun to play around with.I'd start to collect em though,there will be alot of recipes calling for these soon...
7-Cubing....well for one you can still socket stuff but..it is lower sockets and also a new recipe to do it.So have fun finding it out,this should balance the mod out nicely unlike Underworld heh heh.
8-There are a bunch of new crafted recipes as well.But again I have lots of work to go here as well.I would love to totally fill up the cube main txt with as much interesting stuff as I can so it may take awhile lol.But the ride from here to there should provide everyone with a tonne of fun recipes.
9-Char's start out with the cube as well heh heh,forgot that
10-Added in the shrieker and boar from Infinitum,kool
11-Added in Xenast's act 5 town map too,for a change
12-More of my maps are in this version as well,but I'm still making a bunch more so look foreward to some great mapping addition's along the way
13-Skill's...well there's obviously a tonne of work here to do.As well as giving all the monsters new skill's too,so should take the most time along with mapping but hopefully the end result will be kool..
14-There will be plenty of new super uniques coming along as I get em done.But what is there already will suffice for now lol..
15-Tempering stuff,beginning....but not putting in yet sorry
16- Runewords...Well going back to the drawing board for these after I'm done addin in about another 100 or 200 new runesFeel free to post any idea's for rune names or runeword names all....this is going to be a big part here too..
17-Cow level now just has cows and Diablo Clones.Give it a more fun appeal to making the cow level.And yes he drops good.. ;)
18-The cave levels around the Diablo world will have a few surprises but not on all levels,mostly on the last level.I have a few interesting surprises to add to the top levels..
19-There are going to be new tomes to have fun with but not too sure if it'll be in the first beta version or not,I'll see
20-I'm going to be adding in a "pet" item in as well .A few skill's will be attached to them and will probably be very rare.But could be worth finding.
21-Instead of going through a bunch of new cube stuff for now I have used talon rage's cubing plugin heh heh.But I'm going to modify the resipes a bit so they're not so "known"Otherwise you can all enjoy his nice cubing work..So there should be about 230 or so new recipes to find out and have fun with.And yes with this plug in ,you can add new
properties to item's ,much like tempering stuff to make em better.
22-Guess I should list some of the mapping changes on their own aside from Xenast's act 5 town.Well tower entry level
and outside is changed abit,acadian gates are changed like in underworld,arreat summit has new look,Baal's throneroom
]and worldstone chamber are new,Duriel's lair is new,Andy's level is opened up more,Act 4 town look is new as well,And of course in next beta version there will be alot more maps from me heh heh.But I'm still working on those right
now and they are coming along great.So anyone who likes new maps will not be disappointed in the future versions.
23-Just to clarify this point again too,I'm planning on adding about a couple hundred more runes,with diff skill's,
graphic's,colors,etc...But if you look at their existing new powers now,you'll see they're skill oriented tight now
and the rest will have diff power's too but in the end all the runes will be seperated by different categories.
24-Now just added in last night....Fifteen new set's to have fun with and try to collect.I still have some modifying
to do on them but they are in the game as of now.Might look a little familiar to another few sets but major
changing going on with them heh heh.Another thing is the set's and uniques will be downgraded in power in next
beta version.So try not to get too attached to them just yet heh heh.But they won't be reduced to useless stuff,
so dnt worry about that.
Here's some other features from Underworld 2.9 which are in this mod...
-I've added about one hundred new unique item's for this version,more coming later but should suffice for now lol
-Fire giant replacement has been added in for this version(Thnx Phrozen,nice work bud ;) )This should make for a better Plains of Ragnorok...
-new Fire Giant sounds ..well of course heh heh
-Sorc frozen orb....has improved graphic's
-Barb's frenzy graphic has been tweaked so you can now see him clearer,added in a new skill graphic for berserk as well...hmm can't remember if I added in the diff one though lol
-a few other skill graphic's have been changed as well...
-some monster skill changes have been made as well as a few grapic tweaks
-tower level 5 now has no hell bovines heh heh
-drops have been slightly altered for this version
-annoying button sound has been removed lol,sorry all forgot this one last version
-New character creation sounds,speech's have been added in.Check em out all,make a new guy and see how they sound lol
-some new in game speech addition's,mostly for barb,sorry all not quite finished with them all yet. :(
-some minor sound changes for music too
-mapping changes...well there are many here lol...
-added in a new look to the Arcadian gates..(monastary gates) added a few superunique monsters here to give you a good fight.More gold chests,traps,and well basically a nice kool feel to it.There are 3 entrances to this area so choose wisely heh heh.Have fun here,decided this area needed a more battlement look and feel to it,and hoped it worked.
-level 4 catacombs has a new look to it with a few superunique monsters here to add a new level of toughness to the level.A few fountains,chests,traps, etc are added in to complete the look.Simple but effective I think.
-Act 2 town has a new look and feel to it,I released this as a plug in awhile ago but it fits in here as well so I used it for now.Chests ,extended town,weapon racks,pillars,etc all used here to bring the town out of boring stage lol
-Duriel's Lair has be redone to give it a challenge.And besides was boring before lol,added in a bigger area to fight the big bug himself.But dnt get too overconfident once you vanquish him,more nasties may appear....to hinder your progress,and give the game an added nastisized feel lol
-Act 4 town has a new look to it to get the "Hell" forboding gripe to it.Skeletons,shrine,chests,extra extended part,etc all should look kool
-Act 4 Diablo's heart section has been redone to add more awesome look to it and give some action for you all.Traps,a unique monster,or two...complete the addition's here...and a few statues of course...
-Act 5 arreat Summit(Odin's throne on midgaard) has a fuller look and bigger area to battle the Ancients.Chests,new towers,extended area,guy roasting a bunny,and of course how could it be a level without more super unique monsters?From me of course it has to have more. ;) Two super uniques have been added to give you more grief as you enter this area.Be prepared for a fight once you enter here my friends...
-Act 5 Baal's thronroom,changed the look to this level to give it an added challenge,a few added unique monsters,chests,traps,evil urns,new route to take,etc....all in all a nice kool beginning to the end...
-Act 5 worldstone chamber.(or crenshin.....you know)This area has been greatly increased in size,makes for a great fight with everything here.As for good challenging fight's,I've added in a bunch of superunique monsters here as well.There are a few gold chests to get some extra goodies from as well.Evil urns are around here as well,along with a rearanged area to give it that"Underworld"feel to it ...finally heh heh.I think this area really needed a change from the boring old one so I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did heh ehh.
-Tower level enmtry has a minor change as well as the tower outside.A few additions to impede your progress have been added.Hope you like em...
-Alot more mapping changes to come but I figured I'd let everyone in on how the mod is progressing...
So there's a more in depth look at the mapping changes,just to get it clearer for you.

Some of the NPC's are different from Underworld and more changes coming to them very soon as well.And a major change for this mod will be the monsters using different skill's along with different graphic look for the skill's
too.Keep in mind this is a beta version and well....heh heh I have a long way to go with this mod too.At the end
Both Apocalypse and Underworld will "gel" together and the story will finally be brought to life ,the way I
envisioned it when I started this.
So there you have it all,oh and before I forget,for all the slower downing speed comp user's...I'm going to be
loading up a non music version as well.So that should clear it up for everyone,and hope everyone gets why I
have split the mod this way.Hope you all have fun with it .....Hint for next version.....Gambling will be more interesting
and have more option's.......

So there's a brief look at what's in it so far,well most of it,there are a few things which I left for a mystery.Besides can't spoil all the fun heh heh.
Again any prob's or comments post away in my forum. ;)
This mod is about 420 MB's or so with the music.Now dnt panic,lol,I've also made a NON music version(which is about 177 MB's) as well so both can be downloaded from these links:
Music Link
http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/plan ... on0.05.zip

Nonmusic link:
http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/plan ... .05Non.zip

So there you have it,the beginning of Apocalypse mod.Think I covered everything heh heh....
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