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Question Skills/Builds

Post by Daniel_ » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:34 am

Hi dear bfe players.

I read through some stuff and the dev says things like, new skill balance, don't count on any LoD stereotypes etc etc etc. However when I take a look at the characters, Synergies and design is the old way? (well I noticed of course numbers changed, such as Conversion has only 5%!??? chance now, also level requirements and some power changes) So it would be very interesting exploring new skill builds ( I don't mean new skills, just strength or combination) . But then finding everything is the old way is kind of a let down; also I never used Conversion in the old game (yes I used it, but it was never really good), so seeing a bad skill being nerfed more.. hmm. Is my version just bugged? (D2SE1.60)

What builds can you play here? It says I should not have stereotypes, that would mean for me you could actually try melees. (huehue they blow in Van). Does that hold true? I mean synergies on a Melee Paladin don't make him the most versatile to allow "strength", and as mentioned I don't notice any positive changes here in that regard. Imo most synergies that were included where wrong as they drastically reduced the characters versatility which at least a melee needs so much (to make up for that they were heavily gear dependant), there should be max 1 synergie for crucial things like an elemental Aura (don't get me wrong Synergies are intersting afterall. The only ones who really needed synergies though where damage spellcasters;henced elemental auras was mentioned in this regard), and the rest should be buffed to make up for it.

So how is it here? It looks like the typical LoD where you need to still heavily specialize for just one skill instead of making " a build"... Just look at Bonespear-Necro still FOUR synergies, which is still a joke.

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