[IMPORTANT] Please Read Before Any Other Post

Information and updates for the Eastern Sun mod. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mod, please post them here. Click here to visit the official web site.

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[IMPORTANT] Please Read Before Any Other Post

Post by tsuru » Fri Jun 24, 2005 5:33 am

1. No Realm Talk
First of all, you may not post any private realm related topics, as announced here. This is the most strictly prohibited thing in Phrozen Keep. The topics about software piracy, cheating and hacking are also prohibited.

2. Have You Applied The Latest Patch?
The original ES 3.00 in the official site hasn't been updated for a long time. The official version has some bugs and is incompatible with LoD 1.11b, so an update patch has been released by some volunteer members of the forum.

Please download it at the Database Page. Please note the install procedure is different from what explained in the official site, and no character data of the original 3.00 can be used with this patch.

3. Any Install Problem?
Please refer to the Install Guide / Install Guide (Wiki). If it doesn't help, please post a new topic.

4. Any Other Problem?
Please refer to the Trouble Guide / FAQ (Wiki). If it doesn't help, please post a new topic.

(Please remove any cheat/hack programs if any. ES doesn't support such programs and most of them do actually cause problems with ES.)

5. Any Question For Items, Runewords, Recipes or Maps?
Please refer to Easterun Sun Database and Eastern Sun Wiki page. Getting Started (Wiki) is a good reading (and also a spoiler ;)) for beginner players. You can also search the previous posts by Forum Search. If none of them helps, please post a new topic.

6. Any Bug Report?
If you found an exploitable bug, please kindly report it by a Private Message, because posting it can be a spoiler.

If you found any other bugs or balancing issues, please post it in Patch Announce/Bug Report thread.

7. Any Suggestions?
If you have a suggestion for the future version, please post it in ES 3.1 Plan thread. If the suggestion is quick and easy, you can post it in Patch Announce/Bug Report thread.

8. Need Players To Play With?
TCP/IP Match Up Thread
Gamer Contact Information
Trading Post for TCP/IP

Unstickied Links (Out of Date)
Eastern Sun v3.00 bugs - Thane (Bug report of the original ES 3.00)
NEW PATCH B28 (Jul, 28): reiyo_oki and tsuru's patch for ES 3.0 - tsuru (Old patch thread)
2.2b5r2 cube recipes - Jade Star
Some 2.3 Screenshots - Perfect Cell
Upcoming Release - Perfect Cell (This is a pre 3.00 thread)
File Links - Perfect Cell (A temporary file links posted when the official page was down)
Item Guide (Old)
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Re: [IMPORTANT] Please Read Before Any Other Post

Post by tsuru » Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:00 am

What's cheating and What's not?

Recently It's often discussed what's cheating and what's not. So here is my stance which the recent patches are based on.

Using Cheat/Hack programs is of course cheating, and talking of them is prohibited by Phrozen Keep TOS. Fortunately, Most of such programs do cause troubles in ES. :)

Everyone knows duping items is cheating. But sometimes people forget it especially when they give away the item for free. Giving the same item to multiple people involves duping. Asking other people's character also involves duping, so not recommended.
viewtopic.php?t=35303 (more info)

Reassigning Skill/Stat Points

As some of you, I had felt this feature unfair at first. But now I think it helps, especially when you play a MOD. Mod Makers can prohibit unwanted functions of PlugY, and if a function works it means it's one of intended features of the MOD. I don't force, but encourage utilizing this function.

One reason why I encourage is because there is no detailed (Arreat Summit style) skill reference. Once you hit level 60 or so, skill reassignment works like built-in skill simulator.

In LoD, players usually reserve chips and junk jewels for future, because they are afraid to waste them. In ES, the cheap unsocketing cost let you utilize such junks. Similarly, skill reassignment let you utilize the skill point in low levels. You can use up all skill points you have and "pull out the skill points from socket" afterward. This is the second reason. In LoD, noobs are told to take only prereqs, so the plays in low levels are tedious and monotonous.

But the most important reason is to encourage players to experiment. In LoD it seems 20% noob players ruin their character by investing 20 points in Inner Sight, 70% average players look for a character guide and are satisfied with cookie cutter builds, and only 10% ingenious players try different builds and make new "cookie cutters" for the rest.

ES is one of the most populated MODS, but MOD players are basically much less than LoD players. So we all must be a pioneer, and I think most of us are not so ingenious and need skill reassignment.

Of course no skill reassignment has its merits. Players play more carefully and seriously. Some people claimed it gives a more long life to the game. But I think however a MOD is excellent, an average player will get bored after 3 or 5 characters. It takes a long time to make level 90+ characters of each class, and if you still like to play ES at that time, making the second character makes sense. Say, in LoD, if two of your characters need Shako, you would want two Shakos instead of one. You can share a Shako by two characters, but it's inconvenient. If you love both Bowazon and Javazon as well, you would like to make both for the same reason.

Increasing Skill/Stat Points per level

This is cheating, and I can't defend. Reassigning Skill/Stat Points doesn't increase the total amount of the points, but this does. You can't remove the increased points afterward, so it shouldn't be used even for an experimental purpose.

This function is internally disabled in recent version of ES, and can't be enabled by editing PlugY.ini.

Disabling Map Regeneration in SP

I was surprised how single players are accustomed to, and love, this function. Changing this setting has been one of the FAQ.

I had played in US-West for a long time, so I feel map regeneration natural. But this involves the matter of preference, between pure single players and formerly BN players. So I didn't prohibit Disabling Map Regeneration, unlike in the case of Increasing Skill/Stats Point per level.

Personally I feel boss runs with a fixed map somewhat unfair, and similar to using a map revealing utility. I feel strange to hear SPF members consider skill reassignment very evil while they don't consider Meph runs with fixed map not so unfair.

Again, this is a matter of preference but I hope you don't abuse this feature. In ES, wandering various areas with the random map is more fun and grants as good drop as boss runs with a fixed map. :)
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