Patch E Suggestion Thread

Information and updates for the Eastern Sun Rises mod. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mod, please post them here.

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Patch E Suggestion Thread

Post by Perfect Cell » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:44 pm

Please share any suggestions for upcoming versions in this thread.

If you encounter any bugs, try adding them to the bugs thread

Skills and Character Builds Discussion

Old suggestion thread for release R6

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Re: Patch D Suggestion Thread

Post by AlphA - The Real One » Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:28 pm

Hey guys, I would like to get some feedback and suggestions about the following two things. First is the new Splash on Attack affix on jewels. Metalistas and some other useres suggested that it is too strong with up to 100% CtC.
Also leveling my assassin at the moment. Was using as many on atack/striking procs as possible but progress started to slow down in nighmare act2. But then i used that 100% splash jewel and it went over the roof.
Maybe that % splash damage could be adjusted per jewel. 100% is really too much. It gives every melee atack a second melee atack on top. With every bonus to it.
6 sockets in armor + 6 sockets wep + 4 sockets shield + 4 sockets helmet + 2 sockets belts + 2 socket boots + 3 sockets jewelry + sockets in charms = 27 + sockets. So my guess % splash should be 1-2 ? giving about 27-54% chance if all sockets filled with them.
to which I replied with
I can see that 100% might be too much and I hoped for feedback about its strength, thanks. Forcing players to sock it into nearly every piece to get to 25% sounds like too much of a nerf though. Maybe cap the jewel version around 10-20%, which would need several jewels to achieve to get close to 100%. Another nerf that sounds good is to limit it to magic jewels only. As such you would need several less overall strong jewels to get the same bonus.
So I would like to know what you think about it. The second thing is about the current synergies system which leads to one main skill builds like Immolation sorc. Another good example for odd synergies is Volcano which has Fire Claw, Volcanic Creeper, Firestorm and Molten Boulder as synergies. No build I can think of would either use Fire Claw + Volcano or Volcanic Creeper + Volcano. Firestorm and Molten Boulder are too alike, to be used at the same time.

I thought changing it in a way the latest unliked HU patch did which would allow more build diversity, without relating too much on gear. This could result in less or more synergies for certain skills and most likely on more crossover synergies. I would also be happy to hear about ideas from you. Some players also asked for char crossover synergies. I havent tried it yet, but dont see a reason why it shouldnt be possible


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