Legacy of the Horadrim - Glitches and Exploits

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Legacy of the Horadrim - Glitches and Exploits

Post by Abysmal Blade » Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:34 pm

Uh, I don't even know where to start with this. LotH is perhaps the best concept for a mod that I have ever seen. Now, I feel like I can truly make my own defined character. Sadly, the thought is where it ends as I find myself confronted with a wave of glitches that I stumble upon, or find exploits that I can use to break the game. The purpose of my actions and this post is to hopefully aid the mod creator with the upcoming improvement of patch 1.6B. Just, please don't get the wrong idea here. I'm not raging or QQ'ing, but I do believe that this post can help.

Let’s start with the glitches first, since those are the most fun:

1. The Holy Shield buff loses the +Smite Damage bonus at level 3. After level 3, you start receiving a Smite Damage penalty.

2. When equipping more than one Horadric Tome, the game makes my character unplayable. This is normal. However, when I remove the extra tomes to resolve my character’s normal skillset (i.e. I am only holding one tome), I still die in 1 hit.

3. The Decalescent Diagram of Inferno Sentry has the following affinities listed: Trap, Lightning Elemental, and Device. Shouldn’t it be Fire Elemental instead of Lightning Elemental?

4. Many of my attempted cube recipes for alchemy result in the following bonus, Repairs 1 Durability in X seconds, instead of the intended bonus.

5. While it is intended for the Horadric Tome to reach level 99 by the end of a character’s leveling process (this is due to the maximum amount of skills possible for a character to gain), the level limit can actually go to 100, making the book unusable. The knowledge cap seems to have no end cap either, so a dedicated player could crash the game through overflow if they tried.

6. The Smite skill doesn’t work on the Amazon. While it does display the damage properly, plays the proper sound when attacking, and makes the Amazon perform an animation, the attacks do not connect with the target or deal damage.

Next up, we have the exploits:

1. The skill bonus, Pact of the Horadrim, is supposed to make the game unplayable if the user is holding more than one tome. However, I was able to coast through most of normal difficulty on hardcore by equipping ten tomes with a passive aura such as Holy Fire, Holy Shock, or Holy Freeze.

2. While there is a level requirement to cube the Horadric Tome with a skill scroll, there is no such requirement to use the skill. This means that you can use a level 30 character to add level 30 skills to the Horadric Tome, and then proceed to give the book to a level one character. I managed to get the Grizzly, Valkyrie, Shadow Master, and Fire golem at the start of the game with this method.

3. You can give a level one character a powerful tome as listed above without fear of the Horadrim Pact penalty, so long as you do not cube the Tome with the Cupric Orb of Binding.

4. You can easily exchange Tomes using the shared stash from PlugY. Alternatively, you can use a Hamachi VPN to create a TCP/IP game, have a friend hold the tome, and then rejoin with a different character to collect the tome.

5. The 4 free knowledge points, due to the orbs of binding, can be cubed with a Horadric Tome by any character. This means that a hell difficulty character can take the orbs and tome of a new level one character, cube the orbs and the tome together, and then give the book back to the fresh level one character. The new level one character would now have 12 free knowledge points, instead of just four.

6. The skill bonus, Pact of the Horadrim, will only affect you if you have two or more Horadric Tomes in your inventory at any one time. However, you are still able to switch out tomes using your stash or Horadric Cube. This means that you can use one or more tomes for buffing your character with Battle Orders, Shout, Energy Shield, Shiver Armor, Fade, Bone Armor, Cyclone Armor, Werewolf, Werebear, Holy Shield, Enchant, Thunder Storm, Armageddon, Hurricane, Blaze, and or Burst of Speed. When finished buffing, simply switch back to your combat Tome.

7. Since Quintessence is given to an item based on the level of the character who cubes the item with the Spectral Elixir, you can give low level items to a high level character for the cubing process, then simply give those Alchemically Enhanced items back to the low level recipient. By using this method on a bow to achieve 500 quintessence, along with the use of 12 free knowledge points for a Horadric Tome buffed with Strafe and Fanaticism, I managed to get a level one character that deals over 500 damage per arrow without the Pact of the Horadrim penalty.

At this point, I have gone through most of my underlying issues with the game. There are probably still many more issues that need to be tackled, and I will update this topic with any additional nuances as I come by them. Hopefully, the glitches and exploits I have defined here will help the mod creator in the upcoming 1.6B patch. On a side note, I did find a HUGE exploit that will get runes in the game, but that’s another detailed topic for another time.

I would like to ask as a brief question though, what happened to runes and rune words? Are they gone from the game, or have I not searched far enough to find them?

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Re: Legacy of the Horadrim - Glitches and Exploits

Post by Doub » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:03 pm

I found out that for some reason i cant learn the skills below, while the description says ANY CLASS.

1)Hominine practicum of sacrifice.
2)Lithic tract of thorns
3)Alacritous tract of burst of speed
4)Alacritous tract of defiance
5)Alacritous tract of vigor
6)Sibylline tract of blessed aim
7)Sibylline tract of concentration

Are they actually buged or im missing something?
thank you

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Re: Legacy of the Horadrim - Glitches and Exploits

Post by Wuffie » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:06 pm

Not updated by its maker in so long... this may or may not help
in the least it expands the default inv to a decent size :3

here is my 2016 Patch (not made by quatl)
-Added Giga inv (txt and dc6)

had problems uploading the file, its said it was to large and the max was 2mb, I zipped the file to 1.4mb and it said it was too big, max is now 256KiB hhhhh :3

so here are just the changes for giga inv to apply to LotH 1.6a

I found updating some of the DLLs for the d2mods used fixed a few problems I had back in the days when plugy wasnt yet V10.
if you are having issues you could try grabbing plugy v10 and updating your copy of LotH with it, just remember to keep a backup of files and it might be a good idea to use the plugy.ini file from 1.6a and not the defaults that come with plugy v10 :3

I know several d2mod plugins have been updated since LotH 1.6a came out and I recall some of them being easy to update and some breaking the game when I tryed to replace them... so change one file at a time and load a game in D2 if/as you are updating or replacing files :)

Thank you quatl from hotmail.com for
Legacy of the Horadrim

P.S. OMG did TCP/ip work for you? I could never play multiplayer with LotH back in the day(or now! c000005 error or something) ... would love to jam it over TCP now tho :3
2016 (UNOFFICIAL)patch for quatl's
Legacy of the Horadrim
(204.6 KiB) Downloaded 50 times

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