Going off-topic? Please read this first.

Feel free to chat about anything unrelated to Diablo II and modmaking, just keep it legal :-) Please keep the spamming down though.

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Going off-topic? Please read this first.

Post by AdiTT » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:27 pm

This section of the Phrozen Keep forums is for everything that you would like to discuss but it is not related to D2 modding and D2:LoD itself. This is why it is called off-topic.

:arrow: Keep in mind that off-topic does not mean off-subject - As a thread progresses, do not stray too far from the original subject. If a topic goes off on too much of a tangent then the original thread may be locked and you may be requested to start a new topic.

:arrow: No advertisements - There are specific forums and websites for that matter.

:arrow: Spamming and one word replies will not be tolerated - If you want to receive quick answer/reply you better go for a chat at the IRC channel. You can join both #phrozen-keep and #phrozen-keep-OT .

:arrow: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. - Even though you or I may hate someone's opinion, they're still allowed it. Respect the right to an opinion, even if you hate the opinion, (I know, easier said than done, but please try) and yours will be respected too. This will help discussions get carried out in an intelligent manner, and actually achieve something, instead of descending into a flamewar or a pointless circle of nitpicking.

:arrow: As a direct result of the above - No flaming - Don't even think about it ...

:arrow: D0 n0t sp3ak 1n numb3rs. - It's hard to read and to understand your post.

:arrow: Last, but most important: Make sure that you are familiar with the Terms Of Service of the Phrozen Keep. Do not violate them.
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Terms Of Service - Written for a reason.
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