Zero Tolerance on Realm Advertising and Discussion

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Zero Tolerance on Realm Advertising and Discussion

Post by Phrozen Heart » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:58 pm

Previous announcement:

The above announcement has been present on the top of every forum for quite a few months now yet people still continue to post on the subject and seem surprised when they receive an official warning. Either people are choosing to ignore the rules or can't be bothered to find out what they are but regardless this has to stop and ignorance is no defense. Recently I've been handing out "polite" reminders rather than warnings but by the sheer quantity that seems to be emerging, it has become apparent we need to be more harsh on the subject. From this point on, do not be surprised if you receive multiple official warnings or more likely an account ban or suspension if you even inquire about realms, realm sites, links to realm-related material or anything even vaguely regarding private emulation. Realm advertisers from this point on will be banned on sight, no special cases.
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