2 Days of gameplay in 3 minutes.Xaphan Edition!

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2 Days of gameplay in 3 minutes.Xaphan Edition!

Post by prodigypm » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:41 pm

Basicly we had a lan party with 2 friends , played old games like Serious Sam , Half-Life , WC3 and of course ended with Diablo.(Guess what mod we played)
Since we decided to give a go , this is what happened for 2 days.Actually thats my char for 7-8 hours.The video is 3 minutes and shows the highlights.The boys liked the changes in the mod unlike me except for some things that are crucial.But nonetheless we had great time.It was fun time but it ended so quickly,like all good things in life. :)

So thanks Xaphan from all the boys :) They really liked it , but oh well , they stopped act 3 because they watched me play at act 5 for the final hour. They will continue at home :)

Music : Moe Shop - You look so good (future funk) , again requested by a friend :)

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