Version 6.00 - Boons and conditions

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Version 6.00 - Boons and conditions

Post by Xaphan » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:57 pm

Boons and conditions are 2 new mecanics introduced with version 6.00.

Boons :

Boons are benefical effects that can appear on you when you wield some items and some specifics things happens, like being hit, killing a monster or attacking. They appear as a blue glowing symbol above your head and last for a short periode of time. If you played the beta of version 6.00, you probably already noticed thems.

There is 10 differents boons :

Aegis : +30% increased block speed and +50% chance to dodge attacks
Protection : 10% of your vitality as damage reduced and +75% increased defense
Fury : +30% increased attack speed and +20% critical strike chance
Power : +20% increased chance to hit and + 75% increased base physical damage
Celerity : +20% increase of all speeds (Attack, cast, movement, block and recovery)
Quickness : +30% increased movement speed and cannot be frozen
Regeneration : +0,5 life per kill per point into vitality and regenerate 50% of your life over 10 seconds
Meditation : +1 mana per kill and +30% increased mana regeneration
Spirit : +30% increased cast speed and +20% spell damage
Stability : +30% increased recovery speed and +20% chance to block

Conditions :

Conditions are the opposite of boons. They are inflicted by some ennemies and appear as a red glowing symbol above your head. They usually don't stay for too long but can put you into trouble if you do not pay attention to foes that put thems on you. Conditions were not in the current beta.

There is currently 2 conditions :

Cripple : Your movement speed is halved
Immobilize : You cannot move

More will be added as I progress in the monsters rework.

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