[UPD] cla$$ics Skill Icon Pack #1

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[UPD] cla$$ics Skill Icon Pack #1

Post by Volf » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:05 am


we have an updated download!

Description: eezstreet\'s Skill Icon Pack #1 Includes 50 skill icons for use in your mod. Be sure to credit me, and send me a PM on the keep about your mod! I\'ve included design notes about the skill icon creation process, and also the D2PAL/Units palette for creating icons. Credits to the original author for that. To use these, add them to the data/global/ui/SPELLS/DC6 of your choice, and assign them to a skill\'s skilldesc Check the skilldesc.txt file guide for more information. Credits: D2pal Blizzard North for alpha screenshots and icon bases


Category: Skill Icons

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Have fun!


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