Baldur's Gate Mod

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Baldur's Gate Mod

Post by Volf » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:29 pm

Download the d2se plugin here
Or visit the forum here

Character Changes
Classes have been renamed to their closest fit in the BG context
All classes have 22 skills (some new) and different level thresholds in a whole new experience table
Upon startup, all characters will have 50 stat pts, 1 skill pt and 1500 gold to purchase their starting equipment
Otherwise, you're equipped with a poignard

Gameplay Changes
Cespenar the Imp replaces the Cube and will be given by Akara upon completion of Cain's release from Tristram
Act 2 has been restructured. Get ready to get inexplicably lost
Radamant has disappeared from his abode in the sewers. If you find him, pat yourself on your back and kill him for Atma
The Full Horadric Staff can be gotten on Lvl 4 of the Temple of the Defiled in Dry Hills
There is a hidden entrance into the castle, rumour has it thatthe Ancient Tunnels outside town descend deep beneath the town.

Interface Changes
New Control Panel
New screen for Cespenar's Inventory
New Title Screen/Game Select Screen/Char Select Screen
New Loading Screen

Item Changes
New Uniques and Set items
Runewords are now in - check the Runewords page on the website for more info
NM will sell a combination of Normal and +1 items, while Hell will sell +1s only. +2 items will have to be gotten via gambling or killing
Potions come in 4 classes, Lesser, Regular, Greater, Full.
- Lesser will recover a minimum of 25%
- Regular will recover a minimum of 50%
- Greater will recover a minimum of 75%
- Full will recover maximum
Arrows and Bolts may spawn with +1/+2 suffixes and elemental damage prefixes

Cespenar Recipe Changes
Crystals only work on Normal, Magical and Rare items
Arrow/Bolt heads increase AR/Dmg of the the corresponding missile
In Normal difficulty, there are limits imposed on the usage of magic potions :-
Socket Creation - Weapons + 1-4 AB (up to 6 in NM)
Socket Creation - Armor + 1-3 AB (up to 6 for torso/shield, 4 for Helms/Gloves/Boots in NM)
Rare Item Maker - Item + 1-3 SP (up to 5 in NM)
Set/Magic Maker - Magic Item + 1-3 CW (up to 5 in NM)
Collector's Wish and Smith's Pride will not yield uniques

A couple more screenshots
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