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Post by Volf » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:40 pm

Download the d2se plugin here
Sadly the website is nolonger up but most of it can still be viewed on waybackmacine ... ryptforge/
Cryptforge forum can be found here - Its unsupported but still allot of good information in there.
CryptForge comes packed with over 80MB worth of features. Many of the features that come with this mod are detailed in the CryptForge Forum at the Phrozen Keep Forums. In addition to what you see there, CryptForge also has numerous hidden features that you will have to discover on your own by playing CryptForge. Pay attention to what the townsfolk have to say. It is through them that you may uncover many of these new features that have been hidden within the darkest recesses of the CryptForge mod.
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