The upcoming game from David Brevik, father of diablo 1 and diablo 2. The game is available as early access on steam.
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Post by kingpin » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:08 pm

Will keep this thread locked, with new patches released to keep thread clear. If you want discuss a patch open up a new thread.

Patch notes for EAv0.12.16a

I have enabled the Alpha version of Controller support!

A few notes:
- You can toggle the controller on and off in the options menu
- Right now, there is only art for XBox controller, not PlayStation or others. So it will use A-B-X-Y
- I know there a few things wrong and missing. I will be fixing some of them over the coming days. Mainly some tooltips and messages have errors.
- If you get stuck and can't interact with some UI, you can always hit down on the D-Pad and you will be in mouse-cursor-drive-mode with the left stick and can scroll anywhere and click.

Here are the controls:
- Left stick moves your character left/right and squat/down
- If you press the stick slightly, a targeting cursor appears and you can use it to highlight something to interact with.
- Pressing the stick fully will begin movement.
- D-pad:
- Up -- does the "right" thing with the UI. This is going to change to a menu select, but right now it accepts new quests, opens survival and level up UIs, whatever is needed.
- Left/Right -- changes the selection box on the hotbar (like mousewheel)
- Down -- opens the inventory and crafting panel and puts the cursor in "UI cursor drive mode" (using the left stick)
- Right Stick -- puts a cursor out away from the character to the edge of the screen. This can be used for targeting skills like teleport and dash.
- A -- jumps
- B -- interacts with things (doors/chests/etc)
- X/Y/LB/RB are assigned to spots on the hotbar and ancient bar. Clicking them activates the item.
- Left Trigger is used like a shift key. Dig/place/etc in the background with the Left Trigger held down.
- Right Trigger uses the current hotbar item (swing a sword, dig, place an torch, etc) like left-mouse button.

- The UI to reassign/modify controller buttons will be in the future. Right now, you are stuck with these controls.

- I am going to revamping the UI in the game to remove the difference between Right mouse button and 'e' (interact) key. The difference is no longer needed and it will help controller support.
- Tomorrow there will be a patch with a number of survival improvements focused on new player experience and end-game survival being too easy.

Patch notes for EAv0.12.04a

- The Harvest Event has come to an end. Thanks for participating!

- There was a bad bug with splitting or changing food stacks and it got worse when recombining them into other stacks.
- This was several bugs, including a 0 feed bug.
- Food may have slightly adjusted values (+/-1) from before.
- I have rewritten the entire system and the way it calculates feed and I think it is fixed.
- All old broken food should be recalculated on load
- Please be on the lookout for food with 0 feed or large rank numbers or negative rank numbers, though they should be impossible now.

Patch notes for EAv0.12.03a

- If the cooldown of an item is 1m or more, it now displays it as minutes rather than seconds on the item tooltip.
- Slightly updated the vfx for item glow

- Fixed a bug with the item glows sticking around.
- There was a typo in the Cornucopia text that has been fixed.
- The dirt tiles were not changing during season transitions, but they are now working again.
- If the banker was open and you could highlight and interact with a fridge, it would put both UIs up, but it has been fixed.
- The Poisonous Phial was supposed to break shadows or wisp form but was not. This is now working as intended.

Patch notes for EAv0.11.29a

- I changed the cooldown on the Neverending Potion of Life to 15 seconds.
- The cooldown on the Harvest event item has been increased to 1 hour.
- Crops now grow differently
- If you plant any seed before midnight, it will grow one stage the next day. Some crops have multiple stages (corn, tomatoes), other have one stage (carrot, cabbage)
- All crops, trees, etc transform/grow at noon
- If any crops you planted grow to harvesting, then a message appears on the screen telling you they are ready.
- Tooltips now say how many days it takes to harvest (from seeds)
- Tooltips now also say if you have enough time to plant it and harvest it in the current season
- Seasons are now 15 days long instead of 7. THIS MAY CHANGE YOUR CURRENT SEASON! It's going to be a long winter...
- Seeds are now auto-pickup
- Items with a quality of exceptional, unique, set or ancient now have a glow effect while in the world
- The Cleric ancient item Pureguard has been boosted to give (120/130/140/150%) armor
- The Cleric ancient item Divine Circlet has been boosted to give (25/30/35/40%) armor to weapon damage
- The Rogue ancient item Refreshing Flask now also cures all status effects
- The Rogue ancient item Cloak of Shadows now also has Speed (5, 10, 15, 20) while in shadows
- I've added three new recipes. One to summer recipes, one to autumn and one for chicken eggs. If you have those talents or that building, they should unlock on load.

- The regeneration was not working on the Harvest event item in Descent mode, but it has been fixed.
- With the new update to Ambient Pet AI yesterday, there was a case situation where the pet would wiggle back and forth quickly, but it has been fixed.
- If you had multiple Neverending Potions of Life, it didn't set the cooldown for all on use. This has been fixed.
- Classes that don't use int/wis were showing the int stat in the upper-left display but it has been fixed.
- When you played the game in a different season from Spring, then created a new character, some of the graphics would be stuck on the wrong season, but it is fixed.

Patch notes for EAv0.11.28a

- I've changed it so that you can sleep and mess with your inventory a bit.
- You can't mess with ancient items
- You can't change your hotbar selection slot
- I would love some feedback and any bugs people might find. I'm sure there will be a few.
- Ancient items now fill in the bar from the right side instead of left when getting them from quests or picking them off the ground (when there is space).
- I have improved Ambient pet AI. They shouldn't jump around as much.
- I have added flying Ambient pet AI as well. There is one new pet to find.

- In creative, you could delete your hoe and get stuck in the quest chain because you never got the recipe. The recipe is now available and older characters should have it as well.
- Torches hanging on the side of blocks were being placed too far back and floating in mid-air. They are now on the front-most blocks.

Patch notes for EAv0.11.27a

- When you used a World book, the regenerated world had the wrong tiles in the 3rd/far-back layer. They were supposed to be a red indestructible tile, but they were "dirt" tiles for that layer. This is fixed.
- If you used a World book with Paladin blocks in the upper layer, they would never go away, but it has been fixed.
- With the new camera zoom feature, you could run across black blocks appearing where you dig. I think I've fixed it, but we should keep an eye out. It was hard to repeat the bug.

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Re: Patches

Post by kingpin » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:19 pm

First content Update post launch.

Patch notes for v1.01a

Welcome to the Badlands!

- There is a new region of the world called Badlands. Once you kill the Prince of Annihilation, you will get a quest to start your journey to the Badlands. Travel to the Badlands and help save our Ogre friends from the demon onslaught!
- You now have a choice of race when creating a character. You can choose Ogre or Human. Each race has some advantages.
- A new building, Town Hall, has been added. This is unlocked after you kill The Tentacle of It. Once built, you can talk to the mayor and mark this town as the account-wide town. All other newly created characters and existing characters can start or transfer to the town.
- There is a new upgrade for the bank sold at the General store. If you have an account-shared-town, you can buy the upgrade and create a shared vault. These inventory locations are account wide. You can transfer items between characters using this shared vault.
- Some items have become bound to your character, meaning they can't be placed in the shared vault.
- Most items have a level requirement now
- At character experience levels 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100, you get a key to unlock one bound item on your character. This allows you to unlock your character's Ancient items (skills) and place them in the shared vault. This allows you to multi-class.
- You can now Enchant your items. Many items (armor, weapons) can be enchanted up to 4 times. Mine Gems out of the Highlands area (original zones) to create randomly affixed enchanting books and apply them to items.
- There are many new unique items, scrolls, mushrooms and rings
- In the Badlands, you can dig up Quartz. Use this quartz to purchase new Runeword recipes from the Badlands vendor near the portal. Higher difficulties scale the amount of quartz you get when you dig it up.
- Dexterity is a new stat for melee players, replacing Grit.
- Intelligence and Dexterity now add to damage and Attack Power has been reduced. The total is greater than before.
- Speed is now uncapped and has diminishing returns. You can go about 3.5x faster than before.
- The altar now has 8 slots instead of 4 to allow for more complicated recipes.
- I rebalanced all the sound in the game. Try resetting all your sound bars to get a better experience.
- Beehives, Chickens and Cows no longer drop their items on the ground. Instead, they have an indicator above their head if they have an item to give to you. They can hold up to 3.
- There are many new monster types in the Badlands and a few changes to the Highland monsters and AI.
- The game now has an OpenGL version, that I plan on releasing soon.
- I have temporarily turned off Steam Cloud Sync to get more testing. It will be back in a few days.
- I tend to patch a lot following a major update. Nearly every day. I will be adding Class Weapon Runewords, a few other unique items and a Halloween event over the next few days.
- Many other changes and bug fixes

There have been several bugfixes released since launch.

Patch notes for v1.01b

- I put in better information when building a second Town Hall and overwriting the town save file.
- I have reduced the amount of damage that Revenants do
- I turned down the volume a bit on some of the dig sounds and replaced one of them
- I turned down the volume on picking crops sound

- If you built two Town Halls, you couldn't get the town transfer document from the Wizard, but it is fixed.
- I changed the text of the Mythical Key of Ancient Unbinding to include all character bound items, not just ancients.
- Enchant damage percent was broken and unfixable. It has been removed for now. There was attack power anyhow.
- The minimap was off-position when you were in the secret portal areas or boss areas, but it is fixed.
- The quartz/runeword vendor in the badlands was using the wrong currency, but it is fixed.
- Wizard Frozen Shield was not releasing freeze bolts when you were hit, but it is fixed.
- I fixed a problem when using both the wizard familiar and necro skulls
- I changed the layouts of some of the boss rooms to prevent strange gaps between the room and the world. You will not see any difference until you reset your world with a time/space scroll. This doesn't have any impact on gameplay.

Patch notes for v1.01c

- Fixed an exploit which allowed you to transfer Character Bound items to the shared vault without unbinding them first.

Patch notes for v1.01d

- Finally remembered to change the price of Cool Duck pet from 50 gold to 2k like the other pets.

- Fixed an exploit which allowed you to transfer Character Bound items to the shared vault without unbinding them first. This time I mean it.
- Frozen shield is now working with other classes.

Patch notes for v1.01e

- Many people are having a crash/lock-up when they enter the game. I fixed a few bugs, but there is also a problem with Spotify and NVidia drivers. If you are experiencing this problem, please make sure you have latest drivers.

- I've toned down the Revenants even more. They now do less damage, hit less often and pause a bit longer to attack.
- I have all new dig dirt sounds

- Fixed two crash bugs that would crash/lock-up the game upon entering the world.
- Fixed a lock-up problem with creating new worlds in nightmare difficulty and above.
- Fixed a problem with loading really old early-access characters

Patch notes for v1.01f

- I accidentally changed a line yesterday that made it so when you recreate your world, all the entities the badlands never go away. Please reset your worlds if you have extra floating entities (mushrooms, cactus, monsters, npcs, etc). It should be fixed.

- The quest for killing the Badlands Boss (Astaroth) was never implemented. You can now complete the quest.

- You could get stuck on the travel to badlands quest if you have a shared town, but I did two things:
1) I made it so that if you use the portal to travel to the badlands, it marks both objectives as complete on the quest allowing you to complete the quest in a shared town.
2) Now when you get the quest, it will check to see if the portal is already in your shared town and mark it accordingly.
- There was a typo with the dex + 10 enchantment string. It gave +10 dex, but the description string said +2. The string is fixed.

Patch notes for v1.01g

- Unique monsters names are larger to make them stick out more. Also, the unique is re-colored, but the minions no longer are.
- I improved the messaging about overwriting a shared-town to include information about losing your shared-bank items.
- You can no longer place trees on platforms
- I changed the text on Armor Enchantments to make it clear that you increase the Armor of that item
- I have changed the order of operations on % armor to damage (Divine Shine and others) so it is post-multiply from attack/int/dex instead of pre-multiply like before. It was waaaay to much. It is still really good.

- I fixed a bug which caused unique monster minions to stretch and look strange.
- When you overwrote your town with a new town and had items in the shared bank, they would get scrambled. They were not supposed to exist anymore. They now delete properly when you delete your town.
- The item level on crafted armor was incorrect (and often 3). This has been fixed. They now have the proper ilevel. This fixes enchanting on the high-end armors as well.
- If you had over 2 hearts active, Asteroth wouldn't go invulnerable correctly, but it is fixed.
- The level-up panel had incorrect percentages for attack power and the dex/int percentages were missing, but they are both fixed.
- You could hit minions (necro skulls or familiar) with your melee attacks, but it has been fixed.
- Both ways (unique item and scroll) of getting monsters to drop compost would work on monsters that shouldn't drop anything, but it is fixed.
- Fixed a loophole in the ability to keep a Growth buff when you should have lost it.
- Trees could spin around and around when chopped, but it has been fixed.
- Making any of the new Badlands rings did not complete the "make a ring" quest, but they do now.
- Warrior passive incorrectly stated, "wield any melee weapon" and now says the correct text.
- Fixed a typo in Breaches of Reflex (and a few other cases of the word maximum)
- Using a Cure (Wisp form, Cleric heals, scrolls, etc) were not working for new badlands mushrooms, but it is fixed.

Patch notes for v1.01h

- I added 4 new types/groups of enchantments: Vitality, Speed, Critical Hit and Special
- The Dramatic Drum now gives Intelligence instead of Dexterity when the character class uses Intelligence

- All set runeword armor (Aspire, Cosmic, Speed, etc) displayed their ilevel incorrectly, but it is fixed. It also fixes enchanting the item.
- Almost all the new Badlands Set rings had incorrect descriptions, but they are fixed.
- Some NPCs (Morris, Grumps, etc) were selectable and had popup information during invasions but were supposed to be gone. It is fixed.
- When you opened the fridge with the shared vault open, it stacked the windows on top of each other, but it is fixed.
- If you dug up a Platform of Infinity and you were standing on it, you could float in mid-air and not drop, but no longer.
- Using the Firestorm Opus would not break Hide or Wisp form, but it is fixed.
- Fixed a bug where all AoE damage songs wouldn't break Wisp form and Hide.
- Quakeboots now break Wisp form and Hide
- Both The Firestone and Pestilence Crystals now break Wisp form and Hide when they set an enemy on fire or poison them.
- The UI for spending attribute points wasn't printing Vitality and Vigor correctly, but it is fixed.

Patch notes for v1.01i

- I accidentally broke Wisp Form with Corroding Prism, but it is fixed.

Patch notes for v1.01j

Halloween has arrived in ILB!

Halloween Event:
- The Halloween event will run for several weeks. Collect pumpkins from monsters that are in your level range and trade the pumpkins in for all sorts of items (pets, hats and many other things) at the Hag of Halloween.
- To travel to the Hag of Halloween, complete the quest from the Jack-O-Lantern next to the Wizard of Space and Time.
- The Halloween event will run for several weeks to allow everyone to get the items.

- Class Weapon Runewords are in! Visit the Badlands vendor (wait for in-game midnight refresh) to purchase them.
- There is a new item slot called Outfits. Outfits override your character look for chest, arms, legs, boots. Hats will override Outfit helms. Outfit helms will override equipped helms. Outfits provide only visual changes.
- All cosmetic item locations (hats, pets, etc) are now at the top of the character panel.
- I have a long list of bugs to address and will be focused on them over the next few days.

Patch notes for v1.01k

- If you reset your world with a time/space book, the Halloween world would not be created again, but it is fixed.
- I forgot to change the ingredients on several Class Weapon Runewords recipes to match the actual recipe, but it is fixed.

Patch notes for v1.01l

- I have changed Paladin purified blocks in shared town. If you load the game and there are purified blocks, they will change to dirt. This is only on load. In normal gameplay, it remains the same.
- I have made Weapon Stance somewhat work with ranged weapons. Spray and Beam Wands will not get an extra attack. The extra attack will have a slight random angle change in the 2nd attack.
- Spray wands have been adjusted again and each individual bullet does 80% the damage it did before.
- I have updated the requirements of the game on Steam to include 2019 redistributables.

- Fixed a typo in Enchanter Weapon Runeword recipe
- The Paladin Runeword weapon was not displaying the right sprites, but it is fixed
- Fixed a problem with dropping items, leaving the game, coming back and talking to Abel and not getting your items back.
- There was a problem where the Halloween Hag would not spawn and you would not be able to get back to the Halloween World, but it is fixed.
- Fixed a typo in the Paladin Runeword description


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