Tchernobog is getting a massive update!

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Tchernobog is getting a massive update!

Post by qndel » Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:49 am

To those that don't know Tchernobog yet, it's a multiplayer version of Belzebub - biggest and most popular Diablo 1 mod which ports a lot of Diablo 2 features into the game and creates new quests from bits and pieces that have been removed from the final game. Tchernobog doesn't have quests yet, as making them work in multiplayer is a much more complex thing, but they will get added eventually.
What makes Tchernobog #1 multiplayer mod is the fact that you only need max 5 minutes to set everything up to play with other people - no port forwarding needed and there's a step by step tutorial on discord. You can even see a list of games online on discord!

Consider yourself invited to join the server with the biggest Diablo 1 community and hang out with cool people / be the first to learn about new updates :)

Next release will feature a thing that probably nobody has ever expected to see in Tchernobog - some people even considered it dead - a brand new class!

The new class is called spellblade and is quite unique - can't cast any spells, but makes up for that by having multi-purpose skills.

First one is called enchanted blade and gives you charges of elemental damage of chosen type, that you spend on attacking.

Second one allows you to convert all elemental damage into element of your choice.

Third one is a double edged sword - allows you to lower armor and resistances of enemies, but does the same thing to you. You can decide the strength of this effect.

Fourth one is called "perfect balance" and is based around gaining different bonuses depending on the frequency of hitting enemies and getting hit yourself.

Let the final skill be a secret for now ;)

Some people might've noticed a problem straight away - wait, but if she can't use any spells, what about town portal?
That's why spellblade gets a special skill from killing a ... certain enemy ... that acts like a town portal and teleport - if you cast it close to yourself, it creates one "rift" that will teleport you to town. If you cast it away from yourself, it will create two rifts, one at your current position and one and target, which you and your friends can use to travel in one direction!

This class fills a certain niche because no other class really made use of elemental damage before.
You can see the class portrait on this reddit thread ... revive_it/

New release will also contain various internal bugfixes, recolor floating damage numbers based on damage type and more. A test version is already available on discord server.

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Re: Tchernobog is getting a massive update!

Post by Texalic » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:17 pm

Sounds great, I wish there is more hours in one day :(

Currently busy with other mod, but I do hope I will get to this in some near future. :)

Edit: just wanted to ask is there any difference between SP and MP, I see I can run the game in SP, but is there any actual difference...

Thank you.

Also, on download section it says date added is 2020, not 2021, almost missed it :mrgreen:
Thank You for all Your hard work. :leftthumb:

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