My previous Gimmick mods

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My previous Gimmick mods

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sun Apr 19, 2020 3:10 pm

As Paradox is making progress, I may occasionally work on quickly made gimmick mods to take a break and pass the time. Don't expect anything special from them apart from some quick and cheap thrills, but if you have any questions & comments about them feel free to post here or make a new topic.

Tedious and Difficult Mod:

You start with pitifully low stats, and some early-game super-uniques are impossible to kill early on. The mod rewards you much later on with some items to compensate, and runes can be bough for admittedly dirt cheap. I made this in like 2011. Works with Plugy and Diablo 2 LOD v1.11-1.14. ...

Gold Digger:

Enemies drop gold instead of loot and you can buy anything that you previously couldn't, as well as the ability to create your own sets & uniques. Features auto gold pickup, increased inventory & stash gold space, and treasure goblins! Oh and runes are more appropriately prices now, unlike in TDM where you can just make enigma for a few thousand gold. Requires D2SE. v1.13. PlugY compatible.


Path of Exile Currency Mod / Plugin:

It's just regular Diablo 2 with PoE currency. I do want to update this later and implement the functionality better, an of course bugfix. D2SE optional. v1.10+. PlugY compatible.

Edit: Due to how many bugs there are, I will eventually be removing the mod, and instead writing a tutorial on how to create currencies.


And lastly the Sh*tfest Mod:

Just the max amount of enemies and bosses spawned possible, with extra options of lowering the droprates for less screen clutter. Took me a whopping 5 seconds to make for a streamer. v1.11-v1.14. PlugY compatible.



In the future I'm considering a couple more gimmick mods I may do later, such as...

A charm 'only' mod where all affixes are instead slapped onto charms, and the only gear you can physically wear are things you need to use certain skills.

A mod where your inventory is only as big as a polearm, and your stash is removed / decreased in size as well.

A mod where runewords and uniques don't exist, instead rares & magic items can host desirable affixes.

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Re: My previous Gimmick mods

Post by Jannick » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:30 am

I think the Path of Exile Currency Mod will be a little complex as the trading system in PoE is not easy

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