Paradox Mod - Alpha 0.1 Progress & Screenshots

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Paradox Mod - Alpha 0.1 Progress & Screenshots

Post by Lady Isabelle » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:07 pm

Be sure to check the overview page of what the mod is about! ... sp=sharing

The mod is getting fairly close to releasing. I'm finishing Set items, Act 4 & 5 enemies, and crafts before the mod will release.

The mod will include the following changes:


A large variety of new enemies, and previous enemies now beefed up with new tricks and smarter AI.


Each Act will also have a Minion related to the Act Boss in question.



Each Alpha update will feature items from a different game, as a part of the mod's ongoing theme of interdenominational treasure coming into the realm of Sanctuary. For this update, it will feature Path of Exile currency, uniques, and high level item bases.





Currently 142+ brand new uniques. Most are based for the necromancer but there are a few that can fit other classes. Uniques are for the most part done for this first alpha, and all new affixes from them are hooked up.





15 different runewords (including ancients pledge). Finished up.



There are now 35 different gems instead of the quality system that Diablo 2 had. Runes no longer have any affixes on them.


Magic & Rares

Completely re-done affixes for magic and rare items. They're more consistent, and fitting for relevant item bases. Affixes such as skill damage & resistance piercing are now common to find on caster weapons & jewlery. It also includes new affixes such as minion stats for summoner builds (currently only working on Necro but will later work on other classes). Pretty much done, though I may add on some new affixes. Sidenote organizing the entire thing was very satisfying.






16+ different sets. Work in progress. Each set will have an oskill when all parts are collected, many of which are brand new. An example set (Album)


Crafting will only be used on Jewels & Charms, the effect of what you will get from the craft is determined by the type of gem you use. Screenshots coming soon.

General Changes

PLUGY IS CURRENTLY INCOMPATIBLE. However in the future, identical functionality will be implemented. Poke the Dreamlands team for that

Requires D2SE mod manager, using version 1.10 of Diablo 2 LOD. For more information about D2SE, please visit this page: ... #msg459574

Increased resolution, using the Classic UI plugin designed by HarvestWombs! 1280x720 & 1024x768 are available.

Damage display and respeccing is available! However Akara will not give you up to 3 free respecs. You will have to purchase a Book of Cain from magic vendors, which will cost a steep price.

Crushing Blow & Slow are removed entirely. This is to prevent trivializing end-game content for later when eventually created. On the next major Alpha Update, Static will be removed and replaced for the Sorceress.

Enemy drops are more consistent, no enemy will have some bias to a type of item than another. That wont necessarily mean I won't create exclusive item drops for enemies in the future however.

Drops in general are more scarce to reduce clutter and tedious clicking, and add a bit of challenge. Vendors will barely give you any gold for items, but monsters will rarely drop very large piles of gold. You also have an incredibly rare chance for an enemy to drop a loot explosion of valuable items.

Mercenaries have increased life, damage, cost to purchase, new abilities & can be fully equipped!

Flamespike the Crawler has returned! But in a different location.

More items can now appear on the gamble screen, and all cost a consistent 100k gold cost. This cost will most likely change later, but it was put in as a kneejerk reaction as there was a nasty bug that could give you infinite gold :oops:

Armors scale at a linear value. Eventually weapons will get the same treatment.

A charm inventory at the bottom left of the character.

Potions are now consistently at one type, restoring a % of your life/mana overtime. There are also new potions that can purge specific debuffs enemies can inflict on you, including curses and brand new debuffs (reffered in game as afflictions).


Necromancer changes

Synergies are removed. Replaced by stats that increase as you level. Increased Skill levels from hard & softpoints will always provide more. Each class will receive this change as well when they are eventually worked on.
3 brand new skills, various skills tweaked or changed to a different purpose. Most noteably curses have been nerfed & rescaled, more about them below.
Mana costs are either static or will decrease per skill level. Never increase.

Summoning Skills
Raise Skeleton

All summons including this one no longer depend on Masteries & Summon Resist since they are now removed. You can summon 1 + 1 every 2 skill levels. In addition, all summons resist 75% of damage. Trust me, they need this.

Summon Familiar

Summons the unused Familiar sprite and casts Teeth. They gain increased damage only through the new 'Minion Elemental Damage' affix, making them always deal less damage than self-casting teeth on a geared setup.

Clay Golem

Now stuns enemies instead of slowing them. You may only pick one golem still.

Raise Skeletal Archer

You can only pick between one of the 3 ranged summons. Archers, Mages, or the Familiar. Archers deal Fire and Cold Damage, and can be upgraded with an item to give them multi-shot, but decreased damage.

Raise Skeletal Mage

They now deal a relevant amount of damage in addition to being able to see the damage they deal. They will only use Lightning and Poison attacks now.

Blood Golem

Identical to before apart from tweaked stats to match the level scaling system.

Corpse Walk

Teleport to a target corpse as many times as you want. Has a hefty mana cost & cooldown (Teleport has been nerfed for an even higher mana cost & cooldown). Decreases with each skill level.

Iron Golem

Increased damage but no longer has Thorns.

Fire Golem

Increased damage and lower mana cost. The squishiest of all golems. Easily deals the most out of all.


They can now teleport to you. They have increased damage, movement speed, and life, but you can only summon one without any items.

Poison and Bone

Should now have relevant damage in the lategame thanks to the level scaling. The missiles fired may be reduced later on.

Poison Weapon

A level 1 skill that works with any melee weapon. Highest single-target damage for the necromancer.

Bone Armor

Gains 20 absorption per skill level, no synergies of course. Has a small cooldown to discourage giving possibly immunity to physical damage when spammed.

Corpse Explosion

Fixed radius of 6.6 yards. High mana cost. Deals Flat magic damage instead of % monster HP.

Bone Wall

Has a small cooldown.

Poison Explosion

Now deals relevant damage, and missiles spread very fast but will have a glaring weakness of not being able to hit every enemy. Deals significantly more damage than corpse explosion, as it is most consistent at a smaller range.

Bone Spear

Unchanged for the most part.

Bone Nova

Short ranged but deals more damage than Poison Nova.

Poison Nova

Increased range but deals less than Bone Nova.

Bone Spirit

2nd highest damage for the necromancer.


All curses now start at 1 radius + 1 per level, and 4 second duration + 1 per level. There are uniques & runewords which can dramatically increase both of these stats, but still encourages you to invest points into curses instead of 1 pointing them. Dim Vision, Terror, Attract & Confuse are unchanged functionality wise.

Amplify Damage

25% + 2% Reduced Physical Resistance per lvl


30% + 2% Reduced Enemy Physical Damage per lvl


Lowers enemy magic resistance. Same scaling as Amplify Damage.

Life Tap

1% Life Leech +1 per level. You can find a set that will also make enemies take additional damage by a flat amount based on it's skill level.


Lowers enemy movement speed. 20% + 2 per level.

Lower Resist

Same scaling as Amplify Damage.

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Re: Paradox Mod - Alpha 0.1 Progress & Screenshots

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:23 pm

0.1 is live! Check it out here: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=66578

I should state that I did not implement crafting yet as I want to completely redo affixes on charms and jewels at a later date!

To post your feedback and any bugs visit here: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=66579


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