Planned features for 0.2

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Planned features for 0.2

Post by Lady Isabelle » Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:16 pm

Before that, patch 0.1.2 will be coming soon, as well as the start of the Holy Grail tournament, so stay tuned for that!

Features for 0.2 will include the following;

Sorceress overhauled, complete with a set of items & uniques, as well as a new class item base for her. Debating between a ring, amulet or book (offhand).
Mercenaries overhauled with brand new abilities, as well as a new 'rune blade' weapon type for act 3 casters to benefit from.
Re-done jewel & charm affixes. They will behave more similarly to the rest of the rares in the game; having tiers of affixes.
Crafting implemented, letting you use gems to make powerful jewels.
Several brand new runewords and unique items. And some returning from Diablo 1 & 2.
New enemies in Nightmare & Hell.
All super-unique enemies replaced, as well as unused ones added.
An item blueprint system - better name pending. The idea will basically be you will find blueprints that ask for a specific set of items + another "magic-eating" item to have enough items consumed in order to create the item.
Randomizing the Necromancer's skeleton magi appearance
DREAMLANDS integrated into Paradox, which will bring in the following;
Brand new areas, accessible for only high level characters.
New shrines! Probably my favorite feature by far
Gem, jewel & rune find affixes!
New random objects in areas and custom made maps
Diablo 1 like scrolls, though made in a more useful way
Items that spawn specific enemies and even superuniques.
Some currencies will instead let you right-click to apply their effects on items, instead of using the cube.
Brand new AIs
and much more as Dreamlands is developed!

I will occasionally make posts elaborating on some of these features and their progress

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