Legacy Relic concept

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Legacy Relic concept

Post by Lady Isabelle » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:22 am

In 0.2, a new area will be introduced in addition to an item type called Relics. Relics will randomly roll a number between 0-XXXX. XXXX will equal the amount of set, unique, and runewords there are from original Diablo 2, including items that were changed overtime, such as the original Valk Wing, Arkaine's, and Harlequin Crest. Each item in the relic will be a specific number, and it is on you to figure out what items are tied to the specific number on the relic. To unlock the relic, you will need to defeat a boss then place it in the cube to unveil your item.


In the same area you'll also find Paradox Essences, which will either increase or decrease this number depending on which one you use.


Most likely this will range from -5 to +5. So if you want to find an Enigma armor (which will be a unique) and it's on #445, but you found a #430 relic, then you can use Essences you find in the area to decrease it until you get the exact number you want. Note however that you can only do this a certain amount of times, so one relic can only yield a specific group of items as a result!

The items will spawn on high requirement weapons & armors, exclusive to Relics, you need to cycle through and find a good unique/set/runeword (that are now technically uniques) to makeup for the high requirements. Affixes such as crushing blow, slow and absorb will be replaced with something else.

In addition to this, I may place older versions of items I make into the relic as well. Say for example I nerf or buff an item to give it less HP, the item will retroactively be unuseable and require you to place it in the cube to provide the newest version. The previous version will then be added to the relic list.

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