Where is the patch 0.1.2??

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Where is the patch 0.1.2??

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:15 pm

A lot of unfortunate things happened the past couple of months which have stalled the next update, which was 90% done.

To start, it was partly due to my own stupidity. The Dreamlands plugin, which adds several new features for modders to create stuff that is otherwise heavily hardcoded, was intergrated into the mod to be an immediate solution to the 8kb save file limit. Development suddenly stopped because I thought that Dreamlands was causing a crash, of which I notified the developers on. Turns out a few months later, it was discovered that the crashes were because I made a typo in an .ini file. :OI: :-O-:

During that wait time, my HDD died, alongside with it all of my backups that I did not upload to my Google Drive, I was probably low on space and cleared out some stuff. My last backup I had was a development version I sent to Dreamlands for some help. Most of the progress made on the patch was lost and needs to be redone again, as well as addressing any new bugs that may arrive with Dreamlands and incompatibilities with other D2mod plugins I have yet to sort out yet.

To make it all worse from stupidity to misfortune, my struggle to motivate. I was incredibly bummed finding out that my dead pc was due to my HDD dying, on top of my personal depression and anxiety I have to put up with. I will be working on putting the patch back together, albeit slowly to not burnout. 1000 apologies for the wait, the next patch will come and I'm not giving up.

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