0.2 Mercenary Overhaul

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0.2 Mercenary Overhaul

Post by Lady Isabelle » Mon May 04, 2020 2:24 am

All mercenaries have the following stats passively:

Health based on vitality (depends on the mercenary)

Elemental damage skills further improved with energy

1% Physical Resist per 2 levels

1% Magic Resist per 2 levels

100% xp gain

Physical Damage reduced by 1 + 1 per 3 levels

Magic Damage reduced by 1 + 1 per 3 levels

Each mercenary gains an increased skill level per 3 levels

Act 1 Mercenaries

Lucky Archer:

Level 1: Chaos Arrow. A single Arrow that deals a chaotic amount of damage from a random element.

Level 6: Hysterical Flames. An exploding arrow that leaves behind a patch of fire, dealing damage from a random element.

Level 12: Annihilate. Shoot an arrow that explodes into a nova of heat seeking chaos stars, dealing damage from a random element.

Level 18: Deck of Fate. Passive. Randomly grants the mercenary a varying amount of elemental pierce, and resistances.

Level 24: Petrify. Fire a projectile to cause the target to take additional damage by a flat amount.

Treasure Finder:

Level 1: Incinerating Arrow. Inflicts burn damage on the target. Further improved based on gold and magic find.

Level 6: Flametails. Fires two fire arrows. Fires two more if the mercenary has =>100% gold find. Fires another two with =>100% magic find

Level 12: Gilded Armor: Fires an arrow that increases the mercenary’s defense, causes attackers to take damage, and to be feared. Does not last long. All improved with gold and magic find.

Level 18: Greed. Passive. The mercenary gains enhanced damage the more gold find and magic find she has.

Level 24: Gold Digger. A buff that grants a massive amount of gold find to you and the mercenary for a mere 2 seconds. As a result it acts as a powerful damage buff for her.

Act 2 Mercenaries


Level 1: Hemorrhage - Causes the target enemy to explode, taking a high amount of weapon damage.

Level 6: Blood Boil - A melee attack that fires out a short range nova of Blood Stars, while also preventing monsters from healing.

Level 12: Sustain - A melee attack that provides a buff, causing additional attacks to restore life.

Level 18: Vigilance - Passive. While above 90% health, the mercenary has a chance to crit for double damage.

Level 24: Mass Cure - Grants health regeneration to the mercenary and nearby allies for a few seconds


Level 1: Keen Strike - A melee strike that increases the mercenary’s defence, and damages their defense

Level 6: Battle Fatigue - Curses nearby enemies. Whenever they take damage from the mercenary, they will have dramatically decreased attack rating.

Level 12: Draw Ire - Taunts nearby enemies into attacking the mercenary

Level 18: Diamond Skin - Physical resist also increases the mercenary’s defence by 3% per point. Physical damage reduction grants 8 defense per point.

Level 24: Divine Ward - Adds the total defence of the mercenary to nearby allies.


Level 1: Engulf - Fires a projectile that pierces all enemies, it deals no damage but instead leaves a wall of fire. Further improved the more Fire Resist the mercenary has.

Level 6: Chain Static - Fire a lightning bolt that bounces between enemies. It deals no damage but leaves a shocking field to damage anyone in between the bounces. Further improved with Lightning Resist.

Level 12: Glacial Spear - Freezes multiple targets in melee range. Damage further improved with Cold Resist

Level 18: Double Trouble - Increased maximum resistances also provide resistances of the same type by double the amount. Example - if an armor grants 10% maximum lightning resist, the mercenary also gains 20% lightning resist.

Elemental Defiance - Increases the maximum resistances of nearby allies based on the mercenary’s.

Act 3 Mercenaries


Level 1: Thorn Ball - Fires a slow moving ball that deals a high amount of weapon damage.

Level 6: Thorn Wall - Encase the target area into a deadly wall of thorns, knocking enemies back and dealing weapon damage

Level 12: Thorn Trap - Places a spike trap below the mercenary’s feet. When triggered or when alive for a long enough duration, it will explode into a massive arrow of Thorn Balls.

Level 18: Spiked Carapace - Passive. The mercenary gains attacker takes damage. Additionally enhances his damage based on the total amount of attacker takes damage he has.

Level 24: Spiked Carapace Aura - Shares the mercenary’s attacker takes damage to all his nearby allies.


Level 1: Blight - Inflict a deadly poison to a single target, also deals a portion of the mercenary’s weapon damage.

Level 6: Plague of Vines - Infect an area with vines, poisoning and slowing the movespeed anyone within it.

Level 12: Affliction - Curses enemies with unresistable life drain, additionally it lowers their defense.

Level 18: Spoilage - Passive. The Mercenary instead benefits from having negative poison resistance. While below 0% Poison Resist, the Mercenary gains additional poison spell damage. The passive in addition will lower his resistance to it.

Level 24: Contagion Aura - Nearby enemies have decreased poison resistance, equal to the mercenary’s current poison resistance. At minimum if the mercenary is at positive resistance, the enemy will suffer -10% resistance.


Level 1: Eldritch Blast - Call forth a spirit, knocking enemies back. Damage is further improved with Minion Elemental Damage

Level 6: Summon Imps - Call forth several fast imps, their stats are based off the area level. The imps will die after a period of time. The duration is further improved with minion life.

Level 12: Ghost Blade - Slice an enemy with a conjured sword, using the mercenary’s weapon damage. Damage is improved with Minion Attack Rating and Physical Damage.

Level 18: Necrotic Patron - The mercenary gains the following benefits from Minion Stats;
Minion Physical Damage grants +2 maximum damage per 1%
Minion Elemental Damage grants +1 all resists per 1%
Minion Attack Rating grants +5 defense per 1%
Minion Life grants +3 health per 1%

Level 24: Unholy Fury - Grants nearby allies ‘Increased Minion Attack Speed’ and ‘Increased Minion Movement Speed’ by 20% +2% per level.

Act 5 Mercenaries


Level 1: Omnislash - Attacks several times in quick succession. Deals additional damage based on the mercenary’s movement speed from items.

Level 6: Whirling Blades - Unleashes a small nova that damages all nearby enemies in a very short radius after 1 second. During the single second, the mercenary will crit on every strike.

Level 12: Wind Shield - Inflicts blindness to foes that attack the mercenary, and increases his movement speed.

Level 18: Thick Skinned - Enemies that attack the mercenary in melee have their movement speed slowed.

Level 24: Might of the Ancients - Grants attack rating, movement speed, and attack speed to nearby allies. All of these receive a minor increase based on his movement speed.

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