0.2 Additional Necromancer changes

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0.2 Additional Necromancer changes

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:44 pm

Because I'm a perfectionist apparently and can't move on. All of course subject to change. Whats coming next for the Necro:

Confuse, Dim Vision and Terror removed.

Lower Resistance no longer lowers poison resistance. Renamed to Elemental Weakness.

Pestilence - A new curse that lowers poison resistance (35+1/lvl)

Attract - Causes the Attracted monster to have thorns by a flat number, further improved with magic skill damage with 2x the potency. !!THIS CAN HARM YOU TOO!!

Life Tap - Passive. Causes Amplify, Elemental Weakness, Pestilence and Wither to have 1+1/lvl% lifesteal.

Weaken - It additionally decreases enemy crit chance by 1% +1 per 4 levels, negating MOST enemies chance to be able to crit. Can be cast on top of any other curses without negating.

Desecrate - Passive. Grants Weaken the following bonuses: (10+1/lvl) decreased % enemy’s defense, (1+0.25/lvl) decreased chance to block, and (10+1/lvl) decreased chance to avoid.

Life Tap renamed to Essence Drain - The radius is now static, unable to be modified by items. In addition, it now inflicts negative life regen. The life degen is improved with magic skill damage with double the effect (since you cannot lower enemy life degen resist). No longer grants life steal. Can be applied on top of any other curse.

Teeth Removed, replaced with Venom Bolt. Required level 1.

Poison Weapon required level 6 again. Requires Venom Bolt.

Bone Spirit is now a level 6 skill, base damage and mana reduced to compensate but gains it's damage back at higher levels.

Corpse explosion is level 12, base damage increased

Poison Explosion now uses your weapon swing animation, and deals 50% of your weapon damage.

Bone Nova replaced with Corpse Captain - Passive. Grants a chance to cast Meat on attack, increases attack rating, physical damage, and a chance to reanimate as a Grotesque. Grotesque have a chance to cast meat on striking.

Bone Armor now grants 10% +2% per slvl physical resist

Hopefully either Familiar's damage is finally fixed, or reworked in some form. Possibly having it's damage displayed in addition.

Poison Nova mana cost lowered by 7

Blood Golem now has a 10% chance on striking to cast Meat.


Item changes related to the Necromancer:

A belt runeword that increases corpse explosion's radius

A boot runeword that gives Decreased damage to undead on weaken

A glove runeword that gives +2 venom bolt missiles

A runeword (to be determined where) that grants fire damage to skeletal warriors

An arcane blade that gives +2 bone spear missiles, and a 100% chance to cast it on attack, but restricts you to melee.

Modified the Intensity Runeword - It now instead gives 10 additional clay golems, but still makes you unable to use skeletal warriors. Will not be usable with a specific end-game item.

Increased the power of The Widow’s Gaze, Hellfire Cremation, and Blood Moon. This is done as a result because a new end-game item will allow you to extract an item's specific power into a ring.

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