News about 0.2 and Paradox's future. The good kind don't worry.

Information and updates for Mods by Lady Isabelle. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mod, please post them here.

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News about 0.2 and Paradox's future. The good kind don't worry.

Post by Lady Isabelle » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:46 pm

Be sure to check the overview page of what the mod is about! ... sp=sharing

0.2 is now out! However it isn't finished per say. I will be instead doing weekly updates, with needed breaks as needed. When 0.2 is ready and this weekly update process begins, here is what you can expect for the first of many updates:


Cold, Freezing and Curses are reduced to 33% duration in Hell, increased from 25%

All(reworked class & oskill) spells now deal additional damage based on 25% of your total energy. However, hard point levelling has decreased. The formula is now
“Increases damage by ((10% * Character Level) / (22 - Base Skill level)) + (Energy / 4)” for most skills. Some skills may instead use Strength, Dexterity, or even Vitality.

Decreased enemy resistance stats on items, aka pierce, now works against immune enemies.

Mark for Death no longer appears on traps

[WIP Feature*]The mod now has an additional ‘global’ treasure class for monsters. Items dropped from this global treasure class do not interfere with the basegame drops. Potions, utility items and small gold piles drop from this treasure class. The chance for no item to drop has been increased to compensate for the missing items in the base treasure class.[*For now this is disabled, junk items will drop normally]

The class descriptions in character selection now state if a class has been reworked or not.

Added a notification for fellow cheaters whether or not a skill they ‘find’ is legitimate or not. This will also help for skills that lack any skill icon. You’re welcome

Necromancer changes:


[todo: need desc]Wither: It additionally lowers target poison resistance. Uses Terror’s overlay instead of Iron Maiden’s.

Iron Maiden: Level 12. Apply a debuff to target self or ally. The target has 0 defense, but deals flat thorns damage to melee attackers. Effective with summons.

Poison and Bone:

Teeth Removed, replaced with Venom Bolt. Required level 1. - Single venom bolt that deals a large amount of damage, but not nearly as much as a poison weapon.

Poison Weapon required level 6 again. Requires Venom Bolt. Greatly increased attack rating.

Bone Spirit is now a level 6 skill, base damage and mana reduced to compensate but gains it's damage back at higher levels.

Bone Spear mana cost lowered to 12

Corpse explosion is now level 12, base damage increased, mana cost lowered to 30.

Poison Explosion now uses your weapon swing animation, and deals 50% of your weapon damage.

Bone Armor now additionally grants 10% +2% per slvl physical resist, and gains significantly more absorption. In addition, it benefits from base skill levels and points into vitality.

Stygian Armor: Replaces Bone Nova. While the passive is active, you gain defense, life, and poison pierce. However while this buff is active, you cannot use ranged attack skills or summons.

Poison Nova mana cost lowered to 19

Improved the life and defense of Bone Wall. Note that it gains significantly more in nightmare and hell. Also fixed a bug that caused it to have inaccurate health displayed.

Sorceress Overhaul:

Offensive Skills:

Skystrike - Call a Meteor from the sky that lands after one second, it leaves no patch of fire. Has no cooldown.

Firewall - Same as before. However you can lower its cooldown with skill points, and further reduce it with Cooldown Reduction found on circlets

Hydra - Hydras can now benefit from auras and buffs, including Burning Weapon!

Charged Bolt - Same as before

Fire Nova - Identical to Nova.

[Minor Issue*]Ice Storm - A much faster falling blizzard but with a small AoE, great for single target. Does not chill. Starts with a cooldown but decreases to 0 when invested enough.[*Cooldown does not correctly state that it reaches 0 cooldown. The skill will be modified to compensate in the following update.]

Storm Blade - An AoE attack that uses your melee weapon, converting 50% of your physical damage to lightning.

Eye of the Storm - A buff that gives you lightning pierce, increased life, defense and energy shield efficiency, but restricts all your ranged attacks from being casted, forcing you to stay in melee for a few seconds

Frozen Orb - Same as before. Cooldown does not decrease with skill levels but can still be lowered with items.

Ice Blast - Only hits one target, does not freeze and has slow cast speed, but has quite a lot of damage. In a future update, you can find an item to let it bounce to additional targets.


Enchantments are a form of buffs that you can either apply only to yourself, or on an ally. Enchantments may also be restricted, depending on which one you pick.

Warmth - Now an Active Skill that grants life and mana regeneration. Overwrites Thunderstorm. Can be casted on yourself or allies.

Thunderstorm - The lightning bolts now knocks back enemies. The skill also lists it’s fire rate as it is improved with skill levels. Overwrites Warmth. Can only be casted on yourself.

Burning Armor - Self only. Deals fire damage and fears melee attackers. Overwrites Freezing Armor.

Frozen Armor - Self only. Shoots freezing projectiles at ranged attackers. Overwrites Burning Armor.

Energy Shield - Linear scaling. Putting hard points gives it the benefit of Telekinesis' efficiency. Can be used with any other enchantment. Self only.

Overcharge - Area of effect buff (similar to Battle Orders). Increases movement speed and cast speed of affected friendly units, but decreases their mana. !INVESTING POINTS INTO THIS SKILL WILL WEAKEN ENERGY SHIELD!

[Minor Issue*]Shocking Weapon - Self only buff. Adds lightning damage to weapon attacks, and damages enemy defense. Overwrites Freezing Weapon. [Skill icon has a graphical bug. Will be replaced in the future.]

[Minor Issue*]Freezing Weapon - Self only buff. Adds cold damage to weapon attacks, and freezes foes. Overwrites Shocking Weapon[*Needs a new skill icon graphic]

Burning Weapon - Previously called Enchant, adds fire damage and attack rating to nearby allies. (similar to Battle Orders. Hint, you can use this on Hydra!)

Shocking Armor - A buff for nearby allies that causes melee attackers to take a lot of lightning damage. Damage is improved with vitality instead of energy. (similar to Battle Orders)

Utility Skills:

Teleport - As you may have seen already, it has a hefty cooldown and mana cost. The cooldown can be further reduced by finding cooldown reduction on circlets. However the cooldown has been dramatically reduced.

[Major Issue*]Summon Fire / Lightning / Ice Elemental - 3 different skills, each one lowers enemy resistances related to the element. Can only summon one in total, but can summon more with items.Lightning deals the most damage, Fire is the tankiest, and Ice is neither but uses a ranged attack while the other two use melee[*Unfortunately due to a limitation, the elementals do not benefit from their listed resistances. Instead as a placeholder, they will have 50/70/80% resistances until a fix is implemented]

[Minor Issue*]Glacial Spike - Will initially have a cooldown but can be lowered to 0.[*Cooldown does not correctly state that it reaches 0 cooldown. The skill will be modified to compensate in the following update.]

[Minor Issue*]Frost Nova - Damage will remain low to be treated as a Crowd Control skill. Chill length and range is increased with skill levels.[Description could use an update.]

Scribe Mastery - This is a placeholder skill for a future passive. In the meantime it is a mediocre Fire Bolt.

Lunar Strike - Passive. Has a 5+1 per lvl% chance on attack to unleash homing projectiles, dealing a large amount of weapon damage as magic.

Telekinesis - Unchanged for now.

Shivers - Create a ring of power that slows your projectiles, but increases damage. For some skills they will become worse, for some other skills however it becomes a boon. You must stay within the ring to have this effect.


Peacekeeper now grants a bonus to Bone Spear since Teeth has been replaced

Increased the minimum physical damage & massively increased the burning damage of Consecrated Flasks.

Poison damage has significantly decreased value, which would result in extremely high buy/sell values.

Vendors will no longer sell an additional 1-3 of an item, which could cause other items to not spawn.

Three Moth’s Song is heavily nerfed, but still very much powerful.

Sorceress Orbs are now consistently sized for their exceptional and elite versions. In addition, they have been renamed, and given brand new item graphics.

Ancient Orbs Reworked, they will now create a guaranteed unique or set item. Requires a blessed or divine orb to create what you want. In addition, they are slightly more common but still very rare.

All items now have their durability increased by 5.

Increased the power of The Widow’s Gaze, Hellfire Cremation, and Blood Moon

Runes now have affixes on them once again, and modified required levels.

The ‘Necromancer Minion’ stats now read ‘Minion’ stats. However they will only work on Necromancer and Sorceress summons, and any item oskill. Overtime as classes are overhauled, their related summons will gain benefit from this stat too.

Keys, Relicts of Town Portal and Identify have their quantity reduced to 50

The cost of the book of cain is halved. In addition, you can find random fragments of the book to assemble together.

Flat stamina now appears alongside flat life

Slower stamina drain and faster stamina recovery appears alongside movement speed

A new Sorceress class item: Witch’s Ring. Provides % Increased Energy, Spell Damage and Sorceress Skills.

Archangel’s Orb: A high level sorceress wand that grants a large amount of mana

Archangel’s Diadem: a circlet that provides mana regeneration

Prophecy Orbs can now drop in normal and nightmare, albeit very rarely.

Many new unique items

Two uniques from the 2nd & 3rd place winner of the holy grail tournament.

Many new runewords

New exclusive uniques from a high level and dangerous area (that will definitely be nerfed in the future)

1 new set dedicated for the Sorceress. More will come, sets take a lot of time to develop.

New item base: Arcane Blades, a neutral caster item with innate elemental and spell damage, useful for both act 3 mercenaries and any class that could decide to be a caster, or focus on elemental melee damage like the Sorceress and her new melee skill.


All monsters, including bosses and summons, are slowed by 40/30/20% from Cold in Normal, Nightmare and Hell. All monsters, even those immune, can be potentially chilled or frozen.

You can no longer leech from all forms of undead instead of a few specific ones. Inanimate objects such as Gargoyle Traps cannot be leeched from either

Life Leech is 100/75/50% effective in Normal Nightmare and Hell, again unless the target is undead.

Most enemies have +20% more resistances in Hell Difficulty

Almost all Monsters, with a few exceptions, regenerate their health at (2 * Monster Health) / 4096 per frame tick. Exceptions include inanimate objects, Dark Paladins, Vampires, mercenaries and summons.

Summoner has increased life

Enemies that have a clearly visible shield have a 25/40/55% chance to block. Enemies that do not have a 5/10/15% chance to block

Enemies that stun, such as Gargantuan Beasts, have a 25% chance to stun on their alternate attacks.

Maaven, the eye of truth now drops equipment and a chance to drop The Book of Cain and its fragments.


Added a memorial for my bunny, Ash, within the Burial Grounds.

Added new map plugins, curtosey of SheX! This includes:
A new Countess Lair[NEED TO FIX THIS]
A recolored Act 3 Sewers
A recolored Spider Cavern
New walls for Act 1

Carvers no longer appear in the Den of Evil.

A brand new high level area can be accessed in Hell Difficulty after defeating Hell Baal, Azmodan, or Belial. This new area will Act as the introduction to Paradox’s story, and what the mod’s endgame will pertain.This new area will have an increased chance to drop Path of Exile currencies[*], trophies[*], cosmetic states[*], exclusive unique items, and the new Legacy Relics. Not much else will be said about it, as to leave it as a surprise.[*Not implemented yet]
Important note: For right now it will reliably drop from these 3 bosses. In a future update this will change.

[WIP - Even more will come in the future]Many brand new shrines, further expanding upon the original 16.


Fixed reanimates not working

Fixed Shrines incorrectly spawning certain shrines in certain areas, and causing crashes.

Fixed Teleport on Striking affecting the user instead of the target

Possibly fixed a bizarre bug with thorns on monsters

Fixed The Face of Ko incorrectly giving a rare - I swear this was working before

Fixed Bone Wall having an inaccurate amount of health

Removed an unintended source of magic damage Blood Mages

Fixed Might Clan Satyrs having wildly inconsistent stats that weren’t intended, based on their difficulty.

Fixed regular skeleton warriors having an old random resistance mechanic

Fixed various monsters having unintended resistances in Hell

Fixed Holy Water not working

Fixed Lycosidae having an incorrect internal qlvl and reqlvl

Damage target’s defense no longer decreases an item’s value

The Hallowed Flame set no longer randomly rolls its set bonuses when you reload the game

Act 4 Crypt demons are incorrectly trying to use A2 rather than A1, causing them to be invisible while attacking.

The end-game screen is now a blank image

Fixed Raise Vampire having 0 health and bad AI

Fixed various Diablo 1 monsters having incorrect hitboxes

Fixed an incorrect description on Jeweler’s Orbs

Fixed Alchemy Orbs not working

Known Issues:

For all other known bugs, visit this thread & the latest post: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=66579&p=499887#p499887

Moonlight Sword and the Moon runeword are not yet compatible with The Eclipse. This will come next update.

The Uberquest can be accessed in Normal and Nightmare. This will change in the future.

Runewords don’t have an item to tell their rune combination currently.

The Intensity runeword needs to be reworked

Time-warped items & Paradox Relics aren’t implemented yet. They will come when the enemies are done for the uberquest.

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