Upcoming 0.2.3 changes and some more news

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Upcoming 0.2.3 changes and some more news

Post by Lady Isabelle » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:16 am

Be sure to check the overview page of what the mod is about! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dC5 ... p=sharingp

First off, I'm changing from weekly updates to monthly. This is primarily due to the fact that since its very easy for changes I make to make previous saves incompatible, I want people to have some leeway in having time to play. Expect a new Update on the 8th of every month, new update will come out on November 8

Now onto the changelog:


Ice Storm and Glacial Spike no longer has a cooldown.


You can now cast summons while Stygian Armor is active, but minions will have -50% health.

Raise Vampire has doubled health.

Enfeeble can now stack on top of any curse

Poison Weapon and Poison Explosion now scale with Vitality instead of energy


Resonators and Orbs of Regret no longer drop. They are instead sold by Gheed for hefty prices.

A new Sorc Orb Runeword: Winter. Allows Ice Blast to bounce to two additional targets


Belial, Azmodan and Baal are now level 45 & 66 in Normal/Nightmare. As a result, they will provide gear that is closer to your level.

Corrupt Spirits, Zombies, Abyss Knights, Minions of Anguish and Minions of pain are no longer vastly immune to many types of damage. They now have different effects.

Consecrated flasks are now removed.

Corrupt Spirits no longer drop a garunteed item.

The Shocking projectiles, used by Beetles and Storm Lords, deals less physical damage and less base lightning damage. The projectile no longer speeds up with increased levels.


Added several brand new enemies to Latoranum, replacing the previous placeholders. They are deadly and versatile, but will reward you greatly for defeating them. Killing them has a greatly increased chance of dropping Path of Exile Currency. Only the strongest of heroes should venture here.

Paradox Relics, found only in the mod’s new uberquest, and any future uberquest that is released. Relics are treasures that can be cracked open with a Gem, or modified with special traces found in the area to alter the potential results! There is powerful treasure, which reeks of nostalgia, that can only be acquired with these traces. But one has to ask, where did these come from?

Added the final Latoranum reward: Mask of Shadows. This magic only helmet is capable of rolling powerful and exclusive affixes. Works with Orbs of Alteration!

A note is provided with Merle's Shadows upon creation, explaining how exactly the Socket Affinity Aura works

You can now sacrifice an Latoranum-boss reward with a gem to create a new Paradox of Shadows, allowing you to re-run the area as many times as you want until you're satisfied with the item that drops. A note is provided with the Paradox of Shadows explaining this.


Hellhounds have returned, and their culprit for crashing fixed.

Archangel's Staff now has staff exclusive charges

Fixed several unique items having missing affixes

Archangel's Orbs now increase Sorceress skill levels like their other counterparts, instead of skill damage/pierce.

Fixed Enfeeble and Life Tap having incorrect pre-requisites

Fixed the infamous Dark Wood Crash! HUGE thanks to Sanny8!

Fixed a critical backend issue related to itemstatcost.txt

Fixed Oblivion Knight (casters) should now be less cowardly.

The description of enemies with pierce now correctly states they have 15/30/45% pierce

The highest level of Staff charges now correctly has 100 charges

Fixed two missing strings on the Bone Cage

Increased the minimum level of Divine Shrines to 3. There is a bizzare bug that would cause the game to crash if you used one at level 1.

Improved the description of Blacksmith's Whetstone and Armorer's Scraps

Known Issues

Act 3 Mercenaries are missing multiple skills. This will be adressed next update

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