Upcoming changes to 0.2.4

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Upcoming changes to 0.2.4

Post by Lady Isabelle » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:25 am

Public Alpha 0.2.4 - Coming out 12/08/2020


Increased the auto gold pickup radius
Added new skill icons for various Sorceress skills, kudos to Lurix for the help!


Decreased the level of Maaven the Eye of Truth
Reduced the chance of Claw Viper's teleport from 100% to 50%.
Modified the AI of Claw Vipers to use Charge less.
Zombies and Doom Knights no longer have negative physical resistance
Doom Knights are immune to Fire instead of Magic
Succubi now just always use Amplify Damage & Decrepify instead of random curses


Familiar now displays its damage. Damage has been increased and you can now summon an additional Familiar per 5 skill levels, up to a total of 5 without any additional items. Despite its large AoE, its effective damage output is very low. Unfortunately there doesen't seem to be a effective way to give the Familiar scaling damage, so this is the substitute. This skill will get a total rework at a later date.
Removed the visual effect of Stygian Armor
Familiar, Skeleton Archer, and Raise Vampire no longer have Stygian Armor
Stygian Armor now instead applies all its bonuses while Bone Armor is active. Note that you are still penalized for using ranged skills and summons when you have a point into this passive.


Warmth health regen lowered, mana regen increased
Decreased the base damage of Freezing Weapon and Shocking Weapon.
Elementals now have 25/35/50% Resistances. Previously it was 50/60/70. Their stat page is updated accordingly, previously it told a big fat lie.
Telekinesis now gains scaling damage
Frost Nova now gains scaling damage and additional damage per level, albeit very small. Changed its graphic
Glacial Spike now gains scaling damage


Rejuvination Potions can now drop again, albeit it rarely
Thorns Damage & Durability now only appears on Body Armors and Shields. Their power is slightly increased.
Golden Chests in dungeons now only drop gold instead of rare items
Added the first of many spell stones for the sorceress: Shifting Rainbow
Added the first of many blueprints to come, currently sold by Charsi.
Added several new uniques and runewords for the sorceress
-The Cult
-The Banshee's Lamnent
-Ondal's Frailty
-Astral Defiance
-Inferno Steel
-Focal Point
-Templar's Touch


Allies have come to help you fight Blood Raven
Added a new shrine: Swiftness Shrine. Increases movement speed by 25%
Eldritch Shrines now spawn in area level 75+
All Shrines have equal rarity.

Due to a character ruining crash, the Eternal Runeword now grants a 10-20% chance to reanimate a monster as a Bone Spawn, rather than the aura.
Fixed an unintended feature that caused the Possesion skill to deal poison damage to bosses. This may become a feature for a different skill.
Fixed a bug that caused some shrine effects to persist even after death or the end of the shrine. The buff ended at the correct time, but the overlay did not.
Fixed a duplicate entry of the random boss name 'the unholy'.
Fixed Saint of the Conjurer having a missing affix
Fixed The Summoner and Flesh Doom having missing skills
Warding potions now correctly increase faster hit recovery and block rate
Fixed Unsullied and Perfect Beings not correctly appearing in Act 4 by themselves due to a typo.
Fixed some Act 4 monsters being unable to become a boss or champion
Various items can no longer be placed in the belt incorrectly.
Merle's Items now require a Rune instead of a Gem to re-create the Paradox of Shadows.
Added a possible fix to a crash that could occur in Latoranum upon entering the portal. Please let me know if you still crash.
Lunar Strike Chance affix now lists as a % increase.
Added missing Blessed Orb Cube recipes
Fix Empowered Thorn's String
Fix some elemental damage affixes appearing earlier than intended
Fixed missing skills on Act 3 Mercenaries, they have new placeholder skills in the meantime
Unsummon now has a sound effect
The Cold projectile from Catapults now deals damage again
Fixed a critical backend issue in skills.txt
Marked additional skills in the backend as cheated content
Fixed Demon Bone Shield being the wrong size AGAIN why the hell did this revert wtf
Fix some Superuniques having missing affixes
Fixed Skystrike not having its scaling damage listed
Frozen Horrors no longer have multi-shot
Fixed Ice Storm being castable in town
Fixed Leviathan's Frozen Orb not correctly using Cold Skill Damage and Pierce
Fixed various uniques granting +Attack
Fixed the description of Lower Resist
Possibly fixed another bug with potions which could cause potions to cancel themselves out when used repeatedly. Please let me know if this occurs again.

Known Issues:
Sorceress skills can sometimes appear on necromancer heads. No idea why

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