Upcoming changes to 0.2.5

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Upcoming changes to 0.2.5

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:37 am

Everything subject to change, may add some extra stuff etc etc you know the drill.

With huge thanks to to Araksson, the author of the Blessing Mod, Independant Cooldowns are now implemented! Abilities are now categorized into different groups that will share a cooldown. Currently all Teleport abilities (Corpse Walk & Teleport etc.) share a cooldown, and all Oskills (except for Chill of Death) share a cooldown. Every player skill has an independant cooldown* so that you can for example use Frozen Orb right after Teleporting!

*Note that some class skills share a cooldown with different class skills (i.e. Paladin's Fist of the Heavens shares a cooldown with Firewall), but this is a non issue as the mod doesen't let you directly access most class oskills to begin with.

If you're a 1.10 mod author and are interested in using the plugin, contact Araksson#1467 directly on Discord for more information!


Rejuvination Potions, Gems, and Runes now state they can be used in crafting.
New Blueprint: Draught of Might. While active, increases physical attack damage and attack rating for 5 minutes.
New Blueprint: Hollow Power. This blueprint can be combined with a low quality item to apply a rune's affix with 700% effect. It is dropped exclusively from a new monster.
New Crafting Reagent: Eldritch Stone. it is dropped exclusively from a new monster.


Otherwordly Beast: A very powerful Afflicted that lurks within The Hole Level 1 and 2 in Nightmare and Hell difficulty. Can drop Hollow Power & Eldritch Stone, with a much higher chance in Hell.
Fallen Shamans are now a higher priority target for summons.
Fallen are now a smaller priority target for summons.
Decreased the damage of Duriel's Magic Orb attack.


Freezing Armor can now be casted in town.

Fixed The Ruined Fane crashing when you attempt to open the stairs. Huge thanks to Araksson with help troubleshooting!
Blessed and Divine Orbs now retain the selected item's item level after use, instead of setting it to item level 1
Fixed some specific instances where using Blessed Orb would give you a different unique.
Fixed some instances where Blessed and Divine Orbs would not work at all.
Fixed Orbs of Transmutations not working on Normal Quality items
Corrupt Spirits can now be targeted by summons
Fixed Freezing Armor's item value

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Re: Upcoming changes to 0.2.5

Post by Conqueror » Sun Jan 24, 2021 6:56 pm

Lady Isabelle, You know I have no problem helping you perfect your Mod.

I am currently working on solving a little CDR Plugin synchronization problem that I gave you the other day (In low CDR skills.). So if you notice something strange when casting skills, know that it is already in the process of being repaired :roll:

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