Upcoming changes to 0.2.6

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Upcoming changes to 0.2.6

Post by Lady Isabelle » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:52 pm

I will be taking another break after this update. Date undetermined but I honestly need more than a month of a break. I'll let y'all know when I'm coming back.

The following items have been changed internally in such a way that may cause incompatibility with this and future update.

Hiltless (Both Forms)
The Hungry Loop
The Face of Ko (All Forms)
Merle's Shadows (Inactive)
The Eclipse
Formless Feather

If you have any of these items, I suggest you either skip this version or drop the mentioned items before updating.


Significantly reduced the damage of Glacial Spike


New Set: Grammar Nazi's Set for winning the holy grail

New Runeword: Avalanche. Increases the radius of Glacial Spike.

New item base: Archangel's Skull. Grants a lot of health.

New Spell Stone: Prismatic Splendor. Increases spell damage.


Several minor fixes to description strings for the Sorceress's skills

Adjusted the phrasing of the 'Cold and Freeze Duration' stat

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