*Help* Playing BG on PvPGN closed realms

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*Help* Playing BG on PvPGN closed realms

Post by Ciderax » Sun Jun 29, 2003 12:37 am

There is no way possible to play it on closed PvPGN Realms?
Why not?

This game would be really fun on PvPGN, and as I recall DVR once had it on their server

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Re: *Help* Playing BG on PvPGN closed realms

Post by HashCasper » Wed Jul 02, 2003 12:51 am

because d2gs.exe crashes at a certian memory location when trying to make a game, thus, waiting in que to make game until it times out.

d2gs is NOT compatible with 1.09b dlls, as in the case of bg mod. Though, if you make the same changes to 1.09d dlls as in 1.09b, u can host it on the d2gs server.

read spins offset sheet, as well as my easy easy hexing tutorial in the code editing forums. They are both stickied at the top.

you can ask the creators of bg mod to tell u what changes were made to the dlls, and then u can easily make those changes to 1.09d and host it.
one change i know of, is that new chars start with 50 free stat points, and 1500 gold. This is done thru dlls. so ask eisead about other changes if any, and hex the dlls.

I hope that helps.
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