...and BG Mod has turned to total SH*T!

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...and BG Mod has turned to total SH*T!

Post by HashCasper » Wed Jul 02, 2003 1:27 am

ok, sorry to just start out like this.. but I am getting sick and tired of BG mod makers. All these great people, that brought this insanely beautiful mod to us, have stopped working on it. I can understand why Ric and Sub left the scene, but Eisead, man, I swear to god, is either just arrogant, or lazy, or something else altogether. Now, I might be wrong, and If I am, I will take back everything I am saying right now, and apologize humbly.

I private messaged Eisead, asking him to let me work on the mod with him, about a few weeks ago, I have not recieved an answer. I have also posted on the forums, Sub replied to my post, but Eisead never did.

I repeat, if someone like me, who is a total diabloholic, get to work on this mod, I can get a new version out in matter of a week or two. I would love to actually have fun playing this mod, and all the bugs and incompleteness of it, and the lack of updates, is totally p*ssing me off.

Eisead if you are reading this, please reply to me with your answer. I also do realize that all of my harsh words here, I can't really expect you to let me work on it now, but I HAD to say what was on my mind.

Remember this though, you are dissappointing a ton of people who love this mod. I understand you took up the responsibility of keeping the mod alive, but where in God's name are you man. If you have too much sh*t on your hands and are busy with your life, then let someone else keep the mod alive. Namely, ME. I don't suppose its all that hard to let me in on the workings. Give me a copy of the txt files, and a copy of your ideas, and I will implement them. For f*cks sake man, PLEASE PLEASE let me in on the mod.

I guess I havn't anything more to say. I don't even know if this the the correct forum for posting this thread. Move it, delete it, whatever, just make sure Eisead sees this, if you know him beyond these forums.


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Post by kingpin » Wed Jul 02, 2003 1:44 am

*This topic has been moved from General Mod Making to Baldur's Gate Mod*


if you had looked into Eisead's profile you would have seen that he has been away for a while: Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:39 am was the last time he logged in.

I move this into Baldure's Gate forum, since i think that are the right place for this.

Also, a more friendlier topic could have been used, it's easier that to get a respond by doing that ;)

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Re: ...and BG Mod has turned to total SH*T!

Post by Apocalypse Demon » Wed Jul 02, 2003 3:44 am

Eisead is probably taking care of some real life issues. In fact, I think he mentioned something in the OT forums about being absent for a while.

I used to work on this mod, mostly for the animation. I would continue to help, but besides doing animation stuff and the like, I wouldn't be much help, as I don't know much about Baldur's Gate (even though I have the game).

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Re: ...and BG Mod has turned to total SH*T!

Post by Alkalund » Wed Jul 02, 2003 4:14 am

HashCasper: as mentioned above, Eisead hasn't logged in in a good while now, so check your private messages outbox... chances are Eisead hasn't even read your PM yet.

Real life comes first man, so take it easy; getting sick and tired won't solve anything.

There is no need in leaving this open, as it was originally directed to Eisead alone, so...



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