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BGmod 2.0 Features

Post by Eisead » Sat Nov 08, 2003 3:38 am

Design Notes

All gemstones can be found starting around level 20. All gemstones have the same effect no matter what type of item you put them in. They are generally not used in Runewords. But they are used in cube recipes and crafted items

Name Weapons, Gloves
Jasper +20 max fire damage
Tchazar +20 max cold damage
Zircon +20 max lighting damage
Horn Coral +20 poison damage over 1 sec
Sphene +1 all stats
Lynx Eye +5 str
Bloodstone +5 dex
Andar +5 vit
Moonbar +5 ene
Skydrop +1 mf /clvl
Water Opal Damage reduced by 11
Black Opal Magic Damage reduced by 11
Sunstone 10% irw
Shadon +10% ias
Fire Agate +25% stamina recovery
Iol 15% casting speed
Pearl + 11 max damage
Ziose +11 Magic damage
Star Diopside 1 torn per clvl
Turquoise 4% life leech
Moonstone 4% mana leech
Chrysoberyl Reduce vendor price by 8%
Garnet +1 min fire damage per clvl
Emerald +1 min poison damage per clvl
Star Sapphire +1 min cold damage per clvl
Diamond +1 min Lighting damage per clvl
King's Tears Increase experience by 5%
Rogue Stone + 1 skill tree (stone for every tree)
Beljuril Max life increased by 5% Max man increased by 5%

Runes and Runewords

Runes add to the base requirements of a weapon. If put in correctly, they give you a runeword. I plan on adding more runewords then you can shake a stick at honestly. You can find scrolls that revel the basics of a runeword. These books will tell you about the types of runes and other qualities about the runes.

Stone +5% requirements
Required Level to find: 10
Current Count: 5

Jade +10% requirements
Required Level to find: 20
Current Count: 5

Ice +15% requirements
Required Level to find: 35
Current Count: 5

Sprit +20% requirements
Required Level to find: 55
Current Count: 5

Gold +25% requirements
Required Level to find: 70
Current Count: 4

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Re: BGmod 2.0 Features

Post by Les Ernas » Mon Dec 15, 2003 10:55 pm

Well, if this topic is used to collect ideas I'll do that.
If not, I'll do it after all :lol:

What about higher-level-mercenary-sets?
Once I managed to get the hole set for my Ice-Mage, but it wasn't really that good.
So perhaps there could be upgradeable sets like in Eastern Sun, or at least exceptional-merc-set-items.
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