BGmod: Heh... all that happens while you sleep

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BGmod: Heh... all that happens while you sleep

Post by RicFaith » Wed Jun 09, 2004 7:47 pm

Hi all who still remember me... I just got an email today from a BGmod fan and well I decided to pop back in here to see how thing are/have been/will be, and guess I'm one of the last to know that BGmod was officially laid to the ground in Feb...

It's queer though Subby and I left it what seems like ages ago, it still feels a part of you... Thank you Myhrginoc for the kind words. (It's equally queer to imagine one feeling sad for the passing on of a couple of bits of data) :(

Heh, not many ppl will read this, definitely most of the fans who have supported us will not, but thank you for all the support you guys/gals have given through the many trying periods of the BGmod. Thanks even more to those who have helped Subby and myself in the times we were stuck and all else: Jeff, Phrozen, Myhrginoc, man... I could go on forever (and still not be able to recall everyone's name...)

Cheers, and many many thanks,
Ric Faith

PS. And lastly, to all the moderators, please feel free to lock this down and push it to another forum and etc. yea you know the drill :D hahah... have a good one~

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Post by Phrozen Heart » Wed Jun 09, 2004 7:50 pm

Long time no see bud :)

Moving it over to MA and locking it down ;)
If you want me to miss you, you have to GO AWAY first...


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