main site is down need runewords and recipies

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main site is down need runewords and recipies

Post by maxmage » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:44 pm

so i went to the bg site they say for rune words and recipes pop by the site and guess what? the link isnt broken but the site isnt hosted by the link anymore. every time i click on the link i get something about hosting.

so i like the mod so far but ill be forced to quite and put the mod on my x list of mods i dont/cant enjoy.

well not quite yet... ill play till nightmare if possible using uniques and rare items as they might be sufficent to get me through but without rune words or recipies i might not make it that far :(
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well guys here is the asnwer to why you never get answer to your modding questions that have to do with features of other mods.
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